74 Political Parties Essay Topics

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  1. Political Parties in the Democratic World
    Party systems are important aspects of functional democracies and they are almost indispensable to any democracy because they serve as avenues of expression of the needs of the people.
  2. Party Politics in America by M. Hershey
    Party Politics in America by Marjorie Randon Hershey centers on the political parties in the USA and it emphasizes the role of politics in American society.
  3. Political Parties in Canada: Ideological Analysis
    There are many differences between the ideologies of the three major political forces in Canada. They find different points of view on most of the issues.
  4. “Party Politics in America” a Book by Marjorie Randon Hershey
    The book “Party Politics in America” by Marjorie Randon Hershey is usually regarded as a gold standard in relation to literature touching on power and influence in the country.
  5. Political Parties in Political Science
    Political science believes that political parties “created American democracy out of a small experiment in republicanism by drawing the masses into political life”.
  6. Public Opinion as a Part of American Politics
    Public opinion can be called the main force of modern politics which predetermines further development of the state.
  7. Indiana’s Politicians and Their Parties
    In this paper, there is an analysis of the three leaders of Indiana, their platforms, parties, their committees, and their leadership roles.
  8. The Extent of American Muslim Participation in Politics
    When examining the rate of political participation of genders within the American Muslim population, it can be seen that 67 percent of males participated as compared to only 32 percent of females.
  9. Campaigns, Elections, and Political Participation
    The question of the role of “big money” in American politics elicits widespread controversies that remain unresolved to date.
  10. Political Socialization and Participation
    For years, voting remains one of the most common ways for people to participate in the political process no matter what definition of it they take into account.
  11. Republican and Democratic Parties Major Differences
    Many political ideologies exist in the U.S. ranging from far right-wing conservatism to far-leftist philosophy. Two major parties are Republican and Democratic.
  12. How U.S. Political Parties View Terrorism
    The purpose of this paper is to examine the differences in position between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party on the issue of Terrorism as a national and global threat.
  13. The Civil War and the Republican Party
    The Republicans of 1854 saw the Kansas and Nebraska Act as a direct attack on the issue of the non-extension of slavery, the basis of Western free soil principle.
  14. The Success of Workers’ Party Advert and Its Role in the Political Campaign
    Advertising is an essential part of every political campaign. Nowadays, advertising has a broader meaning than selling products.
  15. The Position of Major Political Parties on Gun Control
    Gun politics and gun control has been one of the most controversial issues in the United States of America politics.
  16. The Concept of Political Parties in the United States
    From as early as the 18th century, the need to have the people’s interests represented by some form of political party had begun to arise.
  17. Mexico Political Regime: Old Regime Under the One-Party Regime and the New Multiparty Government
    This paper looks at Mexico’s old regime under one-party regime and it will also look at the consequences that led to political reformation.
  18. Muslim Brotherhood: From Socio-Religion to a Political Party
    This research proposal outlines various methods imposed by Muslim Brotherhood in transforming themselves from a socio-religion organization to a political party.
  19. The Impact of Media and Mosques on Political Participation of the Muslim Community
    This research attempts to establish the connection between religious institutions and how media shape Muslim minorities’ views on political participation in the Western world.
  20. Political Figures Who Are Part of Minority Groups
    It would be impossible to run a campaign without a candidate who is capable of attracting the attention of voters and promoting the ideas.
  21. The Democratic and Participative Leadership Styles
    Developing and implementing the democratic and participative is the most effective way to manage an organization and guide it to success.
  22. French Political Parties: What Makes Them Different?
    The essay discusses the characteristics of French political factions, the effect of the Fifth Republic Constitution and differences from other countries.
  23. Rise of Republican Party and Decline of Federalists
    The current paper discusses the causes of the Republicans` upturn and explains the mistakes of the Federalists.
  24. Interest Groups and Political Parties in the US
    One of the Democrats’ key talking points is building a stronger and fairer economy, which they intend to accomplish by raising wages and promoting workers’ rights.

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  1. Australias Political Parties Voting Process and Bicameral System Term
  2. Political Budget Cycles and the Organization of Political Parties
  3. Multiple Streams Approach and Political Parties: Modernization of Czech Social Democracy
  4. Exchange Rate Regimes, Political Parties, and the Inflation-Unemployment Tradeoff: Evidence From Greece
  5. The Two Main Political Parties in Great Britain
  6. Political Parties and the Republican Party Platform
  7. Australian Political Parties Alp, Liberals, Greens
  8. Connections Between Economy and Politics – The Relevance of the Typology of Political Parties
  9. News Media Exposure: Are the Political Parties Controlling Our News
  10. Combating Terrorism Act of 2001 and Its Effect on the Major Political Parties
  11. Political Parties and Social Organizations in Chile
  12. Comparing Canadian Federal Political Parties
  13. Inequality and Anti-globalization Backlash by Political Parties
  14. Fiscal Transparency, Political Parties, Abd Debt in OECD Countries
  15. Dominican Republic Political Parties
  16. Why Did Political Parties Develop in the United States After 1789
  17. How Political Parties, Rather Than Member-states, Are Building the European Union
  18. Japanese Political Parties: Ideals and Reality
  19. Political Parties and Their Roles in China and Canada
  20. Votes, Money, and Violence: Political Parties and Elections in Sub-saharan Africa
  21. How Political Parties Developed in the Federal Government
  22. Elections, Political Parties, and Civil Society in Authoritarian Regimes
  23. Why the United States Has Only Two Major Political Parties
  24. Externalities, Social Pressures, and Political Parties
  25. Chile Political Parties and Organizations

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  1. Women, Minorities, and Canadian Political Parties
  2. Philippine Political Parties, Electoral System and Political Reform
  3. Are Political Parties Essential, or Detrimental, To Democratic Decisionmaking
  4. Federalism and Political Parties Throughout American History
  5. Political Parties and Trade Unions in Cyprus
  6. The Threat and Damages Caused by Political Parties in America
  7. Adverse Selection, Political Parties, and Policy Delegation in the American Federal System
  8. Malaysian Political Parties Post World War II
  9. Australia’s Political Parties, Voting Process and Bicameral System
  10. What Are Political Parties and How Do They Serve Government
  11. How Did the Change of Political Parties (Democrat/Republican) Influence the NLRB’s
  12. France, Great Britain, and Postwar Europe’s Left Wing Political Parties
  13. Collective Action, Political Parties, and Pro-Development Public Policy
  14. Difference Between the Ideologies of the Main Political Parties
  15. Political Parties and Marine Pollution Policy: Exploring the Case of Germany
  16. Trade, Societal Interests, and Political Parties
  17. American Revolution and the Whig and Tory Political Parties
  18. Political Parties and Government Powers According to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison
  19. Abraham Lincoln and Main Political Parties
  20. The Two Political Parties That Has Dominated the Us Political System Fort Two Centuries
  21. European Elections, Political Parties, and Trends of Internalization in Community Affairs
  22. Comparing and Contrasting the Two Major American Political Parties
  23. Compare and Contrast Policies on the Environment of the Three Main Political Parties Since the 1980`
  24. Democrats, Republicans, and Taxes: Evidence That Political Parties Matter
  25. How Were British Political Parties Affected by the First World War by 1918
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