73 Franklin Roosevelt Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Franklin Roosevelt

  1. The New Deal Program by Franklin Roosevelt
    The plan to redistribute wealth under the New Deal program was not successful. The government was supposed to pool resources together and later redistribute them to Americans.
  2. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” in Great Depression
    The new deal plan by Franklin Roosevelt was not a viable recovery tool of the Great Depression since it delayed the recovery of the natural economic systems in the United States.
  3. Franklin Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler: Inaugural Speeches
    This paper analysis the two leaders’ Inaugural address to see the differences and similarities of their paths chosen to save their nations. The paper discusses Roosevelt and Hitler.
  4. The Democrat and the Dictator: Roosevelt and Hitler
    This paper compares the economic strategies in the US under the leadership of Franklin D. Roosevelt and in Germany under Adolf Hitler on the basis of their inaugural speeches.
  5. Roosevelt and Hitler: Democrat and Dictator
    The paper analyzes the views of Roosevelt and Hitler on the causes of problems they faced and the possible ways of resolving them.
  6. Hitler’s and Roosevelt’s Inaugural Speeches
    This paper aims to compare Hitler’s and Roosevelt’s inaugural speeches in order to find similarities and differences in their political courses.
  7. Roosevelt’s, Taft’s, Wilson’s Foreign Policies and Freedom
    This paper explains how americans used the language of freedom when discussing foreign policy. It looks specifically at the foreign policies of T. Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson.
  8. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Federal Bureaucracy
    Franklin D. Roosevelt established a large federal bureaucracy to implement the New Deal. This paper discusses what was this bureaucracy, and to what degree was it controversial.
  9. Roosevelt’s New Deal: Arguments For and Against
    Positive changes of the New Deal were also reflected in creating the National Recovery Administration and implementing two major bank innovations.
  10. Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Champion of Freedom
    The rise of D.F. Roosevelt was connected with his political career and personal development as a national leader. The political career began in 1910-1911 when Roosevelt entered the state house.
  11. Isolationism and Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    The great depression and isolationism demanded new international policies and relations that would help America to overcome the economic crisis.
  12. The Rise of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    The essay describes the life path of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and throws light upon the character traits and conditions that helped him to become the president.
  13. The Democrat and the Dictator: Roosevelt’s and Hitler’s Speech
    The common ground for both Roosevelt and Hitler could be found in the fact that both of the leaders were reproaching the governmental leadership that existed at that time.

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  1. President Franklin Roosevelt and the Government System
  2. The New Deal Under President Franklin Roosevelt
  3. President Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt
  4. Did Franklin Roosevelt Know Pearl Harbor Was Going?
  5. Franklin Roosevelt Helped Americans Gain Back Their Faith in Themselves
  6. Evaluating Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Program for Relief and Works Project
  7. Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression of 1930
  8. The Great Depression and the Policies of Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt
  9. Franklin Roosevelt 1933 1940 Secretary
  10. President Franklin Roosevelt and Pearl Harbor
  11. Franklin Roosevelt, the Man Who Began a New Era in American History
  12. The Life and Administration of President Franklin Roosevelt
  13. President Franklin Roosevelt’s Foreign Policies
  14. Franklin Roosevelt’s American Democracy
  15. The Relationship Between Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt
  16. Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal Program
  17. Franklin Roosevelt and the Making of Modern America
  18. The Success and Failures of Franklin Roosevelt’s Wartime Policy
  19. Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal: Social Security
  20. Franklin Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover
  21. Franklin Roosevelt’s First New Deal
  22. Franklin Roosevelt Redefined the American Presidency
  23. The Original Objectives and Impact of Franklin Roosevelt’s 1944 Economic Bill of Rights
  24. Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression
  25. Franklin Roosevelt Against the Great Depression and World War II Difficulties
  26. The Leadership and Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt
  27. Why Did Franklin Roosevelt Win the Presidential Election?
  28. Compare and Contrast Herbert Hoover’s Economic Policies With Those of Franklin Roosevelt
  29. Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt
  30. Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Policies

đź’ˇ Simple Franklin Roosevelt Essay Ideas

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  1. The Devolution Revolution During Franklin Roosevelt’s Presidency
  2. The Controversy That Surrounded President Franklin Roosevelt’s Funding of the So-Called Manhattan Project
  3. Franklin Roosevelt’s Foreign Policies From 1937 to 1941
  4. President Franklin Roosevelt and President Hoover
  5. President Franklin Roosevelt and the United States
  6. The Ideas Brought Out in Franklin Roosevelt’s Message to Congress on January 6, 1941
  7. Adolph Hitler and Franklin Roosevelt
  8. Comparing and Contrasting the Domestic Policies of Franklin Roosevelt and William Jefferson Clinton
  9. Compare Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society With Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal
  10. Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter: The Tale of Two Presidents
  11. Franklin Roosevelt and the President of the United States
  12. Franklin Roosevelt and the Great Depression
  13. Differences Between Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt
  14. Franklin Roosevelt and the Holocaust
  15. The Social Reforms Lined up by Franklin Roosevelt
  16. President Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945): Vice Presidents, Facts & Quotes
  17. Franklin Roosevelt: The New Deal Economic and Social Reform Program
  18. Franklin Roosevelt Was First Elected President in 1933
  19. Franklin Roosevelt and Violation of the No Third Term Tradition
  20. How Franklin Roosevelt Handled the Banking System?
  21. Two Way Conversation Between President Franklin Roosevelt & Bill Clinton
  22. Relief, Recovery, and Reform Brought by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal
  23. Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal in the United States
  24. Franklin Roosevelt’s Pearl Harbor Address
  25. Franklin Roosevelt Was One of Our Greatest Presidents
  26. President Franklin Roosevelt and the New American Spirit
  27. Did Franklin Roosevelt Know Pearl Harbor Was Going to Be Attacked?
  28. Franklin Roosevelt First New Deal Policies
  29. How Did Franklin Roosevelt Deal With the Great Depression in America?
  30. Franklin Roosevelt During the Great Depression
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