73 Oppression Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Oppression

  1. The Issue of Class Oppression Among African Americans
    The years of slavery in the USA provoked a lot of social problems and contradictions which were not resolved even after the years of the Civil War.
  2. Oppression as a Social Problem
    The paper defines oppression in terms of marginalization, exploitation, powerlessness, cultural imperialism and violence: the key facets of oppression according to Iris Young.
  3. Sexual-Orientation Oppression in “Now That I Am Forever with Child” and “Condition XXI”
    Lorde’s “Now That I Am Forever with Child” and Hemphill’s “Condition XXI” are the examples of the poets’ vision of the specific role of women in the society with references to their gender and sexuality.
  4. A Social Worker’s Reflections on Power, Privilege and Oppression
    In his A Social Worker’s Reflections on Power, Privilege, and Oppression, Spencer involves the challenges that social workers encounter under oppressive systems of power.
  5. Racial Oppression: The Scenario of Jim
    This reflection paper will focus on the scenario of Jim, a young man that unwillingly offended two African American men who were sitting in a car in the empty parking lot late in the evening.
  6. Religious Oppression: Pluralism Understanding
    Today, different religions can coexist in the modern world, and this phenomenon can be defined as religious pluralism since a diverse array of religions is accepted.
  7. Racial Oppression in the United States
    Our society seems to be more accepting of certain immigrant groups versus others, and the reason for such division lies in religious diversity.
  8. Feminism, Oppression, Masculinity, and Homophobia
    Feminism, a relatively new movement in the history of social, political, and philosophical thought, has found an important place in modern social studies.
  9. Patriarchal Oppression in Chopin’s Feminist Works
    The works of Kate Chopin, a prominent American writer, traditionally focus on women’s biased position in marriage.
  10. Social Theory. Religion as a Tool for Social Oppression
    There can be no doubt as to the fact that religion played an important role in shaping up socio-political realities, ever since the dawn of history.
  11. The Response of the American Society Against Oppression
    There were several responses form the American society towards the oppression. However, it was clear that oppression existed even before the World War 2.
  12. Women as Oppression Victims in American Literature
    This paper is attempting to unveil, is the representation of women’s oppression through the stories’ main characters, Mama and Mrs. Wright.
  13. Palestinian Oppression: The Role of Media
    Oppression encompasses 5 categories that are often ignored by media and news channels and involve exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence.
  14. Critical Reflection of Personal Privileges, Social Location, and Oppression for a Sociologist Learner
    The following work is a critical reflection that presents personal privileges, social location, and oppression for a sociologist learner.
  15. Skin Color as Reason for Oppression and Discrimination
    As soon as people understand why skin color can no longer be the reason for oppression and discrimination, they realize how many beautiful outcomes of their relationships exist.
  16. Oppression of Women in Saudi Arabia
    Changes are possible and feminist activists should be encouraged to push for a more self-sufficient image of an Islamic woman, incorporating the Iranian experience.
  17. Oppression of African Americans in the Selma Film
    The legacy of generational oppression has always been obvious and persistent, and it was one of the key causes of the recent riots of Black Lives Matter.
  18. Marriage Oppression and Freedom Signs
    The 19th century is characterized by women discrimination in society, whereby the role of women is to offer basic services at home.
  19. Themes of Oppression and Imperialism in Literature
    This paper will analyze the themes of oppression and imperialism in the “Heart of Darkness,” “The Epic of Gigamesh,” and “The Tempest.”
  20. Identity Politics and “Interlocking” Oppression
    Identity politics is the cause of the formation of racialized political systems and power relations, and corporate capitalism in the contemporary world systems.
  21. Feminism Oppression in Islam
    This essay looks into feminism oppression in Islam in the modern world. It will analyze what the term modern feminist means and then take a look at feminist oppression in Islam.
  22. Martin Luther King Jr’s Letter: The Fight Against Black Oppression
    Two documents are essential to American history of the fight against black oppression: a letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his response.
  23. Resistance to Oppression in Glaspell’s “Trifles” and Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun Dramas
    The individuals in A Raisin in the Sun encounter numerous challenges due to racial discrimination while those in Trifles face the predicaments of gender-based abuse and torture.

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  1. Galileo’s Heliocentric Theory and Its Oppression by the Church
  2. Oppression and Its Effect on Social and Economic Justice
  3. Female Oppression Within The Bible
  4. Oppression and Spiritual Deterioration in William Blake’s Poem London
  5. Setting, Symbolism, and Oppression of Women in the Yellow
  6. The Events That Led to the Fight against Spanish Oppression in Cuban Revolution
  7. Does the Contemporary Image of Africa Have Its Roots in Colonial Oppression?
  8. Sexual Oppression against Women in a Short Story by Margaret Atwood
  9. Nora’s Rebellion and Dealing With Oppression in a Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen
  10. Patriarchal Oppression and Cultural Discrimination in Jane Eyre and the Wide Sargasso Sea
  11. Racial Prejudice and Oppression in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird
  12. The Mennonites Flee Europe’s Oppression to Suffer the Same in Canada
  13. Irish Oppression and Modern Parallels in a Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift
  14. Oppression and Sexism among Women in Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Maya
  15. The Holocaust and Jewish Oppression 1933-1945
  16. Women’s Oppression and Patriarchal System in Raise the Red Lantern, a Chinese Movie
  17. Mexican American Women and Oppression
  18. Intersectional Identities and Experiences of Privilege and Oppression
  19. Psychological Warfare and Local Fear-Based Oppression in the United States
  20. Native American Oppression against Native Americans
  21. The Gender Oppression Experienced by Nancy Shippen in America
  22. Rediscovering the Dark Ages and Beyond: The Christian Oppression of Ancient Writings
  23. Male Dominance and Female Oppression in a Midsummer Night’s Dream
  24. Black American Women and Interlocking Oppression
  25. Human Rights and Justice: Forms and Mechanisms of Oppression

💡 Simple Oppression Essay Ideas

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  1. Oppression and Class Warfare Exposed in Dr. Howard Zinn’s a People’s History of the United States
  2. The Political and Economic Oppression of North Korean Citizens
  3. Freedom, Patriarchy, and Racial Oppression
  4. Homoeroticism and Sexual Oppression in the Picture of Dorian Gray
  5. Can White Heterosexual Males Understand Oppression?
  6. Racial Oppression and Counseling a Client from an Ethnic Minority
  7. Pornography and the Media Contribute to the Oppression of Women
  8. How Colonialism Resonated with Gender Roles and Oppression?
  9. The Endured Struggles and Oppression of Native Americans
  10. Identity Formation and Oppression of Muslim Culture
  11. Oppression in the Middle Eastern and Central Asian Countries
  12. Muslim Women: Treated with Oppression or Fairness?
  13. Nat Turner’s Bloody Rebellion: Freedom Out of Oppression or Mad-Man Gone Astray?
  14. Native Americans: Five Hundred Years of Racism and Oppression
  15. Social Class Discrimination and Economic Oppression
  16. How Women Are Oppression in Islam?
  17. The Social and Mainly Economic Oppression Faced by Blacks
  18. Racial and Economic Oppression within the United States
  19. Metaphorical and Literal Prison: The Concept of Oppression
  20. Nineteenth-Century Social Protest Literature outside England Criticism: Oppression Revealed
  21. The Many References That Link to the Oppression of Women in the Play Antigone
  22. How Gerda Weissman Klein Faced Oppression in the Holocaust?
  23. Gender, Ethnicity, and Class Are Not Separate Systems of Oppression
  24. Women, Oppression, and Treatment of Young Girls and Women
  25. The Objectification and Oppression of Ophelia in William Shakespeare’s Play Hamlet
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