71 Samsung Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Samsung

  1. Promotion and Advertising Strategies Used by Apple and Samsung
    The paper will be examining the similarities and differences of the promotional strategies applied by two firms competing in the Smartphones market.
  2. Samsung and Child Labor: Business Ethics Case
    To make sure that no factory exploits child labor, Samsung claims to have compelled all the factories to install a hi-tech facial detection device.
  3. Samsung Electronics’ Marketing Plan
    The report outlines a marketing plan for Samsung Electronics. It focuses on the market situation, target market, marketing mix, external and internal environment, etc.
  4. Coca-Cola’s and Samsung ‘s Home and Host Marketing
    Home and host markets require different strategies depending on the nature of consumers present in the respective markets.
  5. Samsung Electronics Company Sustainability Assessment
    Samsung Electronics has grown within the past four decades to become a leading provider of quality information and technology services.
  6. Apple vs. Samsung: Companies Business Strategies Comparison
    Both Apple and Samsung companies are in the electronics industry with specialty in mobile and computer technologies. Apple’s business strategies are different and depend on product models.
  7. Apple vs Samsung Companies’ Operational Strategies
    Samsung and Apple are the two world’s largest producers of Smartphones. These companies have adopted operational strategies that are different from each other.
  8. IPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison
    The newest flagship phones available on the market are the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. This paper will provide a comparison between these two phones.
  9. Samsung Group’s Supply Chain and Operation Management
    Over the past few decades, Samsung has become the household name that has been integrated into every facet of people’s everyday life.
  10. Samsung Company: Green Reverse Logistics and Supply Chains
    The following paper will discuss the case study of the green reverse logistics and supply chains in the electronics industry promoted by Samsung.
  11. Samsung M620 Mobile Phone Evaluation
    This evaluation attempts to describe Samsung M620; my current phone model. Effective communication is the main reason behind the introduction of cell phones.
  12. How Samsung Gets Innovations to Market?
    Samsung company controls its designing, manufacturing, distribution and marketing process for its products via the consumer focused innovation team.
  13. Samsung Company’s International Strategy
    This paper analyzes the international strategy of Samsung, its international operations, management structure, as well as the social responsibility strategy of the company.
  14. Strategic Managemnt Report on Samsung Mobile Company
    The report focuses on the strategic policies and competitive approach used by Samsung Mobile in Europe and North America.
  15. Samsung Mobile in the UK Analysis
    Samsung entered the UK market in 1984 and has since seen explosive growth and success, especially within the mobile phone market, with projected revenues of £995 million in 2005.
  16. Samsung Liquid-Crystal-Display Televisions Marketing
    The Samsung company revolutionized the way LCD TVs are sold through its unique approach. It makes available detailed price lists with options.
  17. Samsung Electronics: Operations Management Performance Objectives
    In Samsung Electronics, it can be stated that one of the departments responsible for quality is Corporate Technology Office.
  18. Samsung Mobile Gear VR Headset: Advertisement Analysis
    Samsung Mobile released an advertisement promoting the new Gear VR headset. The advertisement has engaged the hearts of the millions because of its beautiful story and strong message.
  19. Samsung Electronic’s Global Strategy Plan
    Samsung Electronic’s global strategy seems to be the main reason why Samsung continues to dominate the industry, overpassing Apple in market share.
  20. Safety Responsibility: Samsung Case
    The Samsung case proves that the mandatory testing of products before selling them to consumers is an integral component of activities in working with potentially unsafe digital equipment.
  21. Bribery Charges Against Samsung Company
    Ethical issues in business create many problems that can extend negative effects on its reputation, productivity, and profitability.

💡 Simple Samsung Essay Ideas

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  1. Factors That Triggered the Growth of Samsung in the Global Handset Market
  2. Electronic Document and Record Management Systems Implementattion at Samsung
  3. Integrated Marketing Communication Tools of Samsung
  4. Technological Capabilities and Samsung International Production Network in Asia
  5. Dynamic Capabilities and the Investment Development Path in Samsung
  6. The Approaches Samsung Have Used to Become a More Socially Conscious
  7. The Effect of Discipline and Motivation on Employee Performance in Samsung
  8. Evolution of the Samsung Exynos CPU Microarchitecture
  9. The Strategic View and Development of Corporate Social Responsibility at Samsung
  10. The Changing Business Environment of Samsung
  11. New Foundation and Platform for Samsung Business Strategy
  12. Methods of Protecting “Smart” Devices on Example of Samsung TV
  13. The Conflict Between Apple and Samsung From a Marketing Perspective
  14. Framework of Digital Forensics for the Samsung Star Series Phone
  15. Samsung’s Align-And-Differentiate Approach to Semantic Textual Similarity
  16. Samsung and the Role of Innovator in Mobile Computing Industry
  17. Restructuring Samsung Retailing in Korea
  18. The Trilemma Phenomenon for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy
  19. Development of a Gyro Test System at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
  20. The Growth Pattern of Samsung Electronics: A Strategy Perspective
  21. Circumvention of Samsung Secure Boot Enforced Common Criteria Mode
  22. The History and SWOT Analysis of Samsung Group
  23. How Samsung Became a Design Powerhouse
  24. Samsung Relationship With Its Customers
  25. Key Drivers for Future Growth Management of Samsung

📌 Easy Samsung Essay Topics

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  1. Product Life Cycle Stages of Samsung
  2. Advantages of Operation Management for Manufacturing Samsung Electronics
  3. Porter Generic Strategies and Samsung Electronics
  4. How Samsung Entered Into the Electronic Industry
  5. Samsung’s Mission, Brand Positioning and Core Competencies
  6. Online Marketing Strategy and Organizational Usefulness in Samsung
  7. Possible Strategic Choices for Samsung Galaxy S22
  8. Samsung Phones and Its Effect on Communication
  9. Marketing Plan for New Product Development Samsung New Model in India
  10. The Effects of Advertising and Price Promotion on Brand Equity Dimensions of Samsung
  11. Military Base Personnel and the Use of Samsung Wireless Phones
  12. Samsung Value Innovation and Change Creativity
  13. Corporate Governance Index and Its Determinants in Samsung Company
  14. Should Samsung Make Changes of the Orientation Program?
  15. Samsung and McDonald’s Job Design Comparison and Why Samsung Is Leading in Enriching
  16. Business Operations and Logistics at Sony and Samsung Companies
  17. Are Samsung’s Consumers Aware of Counterfeit?
  18. Samsung’s Core Benefits, Actual and Augmented Products in 2022
  19. Development of Flood Inundation Area GIS Database for Samsung
  20. The Effect of Brand Ambassador, Image, Product Quality, and Price on Purchases of Samsung
  21. Consumer Behavior of Nokia and Samsung Mobile Users
  22. How to Develop Accessibility UX Design Guideline in Samsung
  23. Creating First-Mover Advantages at Samsung Electronics
  24. Knowledge Transfer in Economic Organizations on Example of Samsung
  25. Scientific and Technological Links From Samsung on Lithium Batteries and Graphene
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