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IPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 Comparison


While the technological advancements in the field of mobile hardware advance with each year, the features they provide become less and less impressive. The newest flagship phones available on the market are the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8. Both feature hardware of impressive power and provide the largest set of features to the user. However, there is a number of differences that make them two distinct products. This paper will provide a comparison between these two phones.

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One of the major differences between the iPhone X and Galaxy S8 lies in the processing power. iPhone X has a major advantage over Galaxy S8 in this category due to its extremely powerful A11 Bionic processor. When compared to Galaxy S8’s Snapdragon 835 chip in the time it takes to transcode a 2-minute 4K video clip, iPhone X took only 42 seconds, while Galaxy S8 took four minutes and seven seconds. The difference is such that if the user is expecting to perform a lot of video editing on a mobile device, the iPhone X would be the only choice (Kelly).

Another major difference between the two phones lies in their hardware design. Galaxy S8 provides one of the most impressive visual presentations due to its screen that seamlessly transitions into the side of the phone, while also being the most functional. The features that make it more functional than the iPhone X are the headphone jack and the Micro SD card slot that are available to the user. iPhone X relies on the user either plugging in an adaptor or using proprietary headphones while listening to music or phone calls. The Micro SD card slot also allows the user to cheaply upgrade the storage capacity of the phone, while iPhone X only allows two capacity types at very high prices (Passingham). These features make Galaxy S8 an easier phone to use for people who enjoy listening to music and have a need for a lot of storage.

Both phones have very similar screens, however. While there are small differences in how the phones process color, both screens present vivid images and have comparable resolutions. The default version of Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X feature 5.8-inch screens (Eadicicco). However, their resolutions slightly differ, with Galaxy S8 having a slightly higher one. Both screens also have extremely wide viewing angles and are guaranteed to be eligible for almost any position without color distortion. The color gamut of the Galaxy S8 is also slightly higher than iPhone X, but the difference is negligible (Spoonauer).


When comparing two of the most powerful and expensive phones on the market, it is easy to see the important ways in which they differ from one another. However, it is important to understand that despite their powerful hardware, it is likely that the majority of their functionality does not gain a lot of benefit from it. The use cases for smartphones in recent years become mostly focused on social media use, texting, and music listening. While the new hardware allows for better cameras and editing software to be available on the phone, it applies only to the most extreme cases, and the majority of the users do not utilize their phones in such a way that it requires extremely powerful processors.

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