Samsung M620 Mobile Phone Evaluation

This evaluation attempts to describe Samsung M620, my current phone model. Effective communication is the main reason behind the introduction of cell phones. The improvements in technology have seen the introduction of cell phones that are multipurpose. The introduction of internet-enabled phones saved us a great deal since one can perform many tasks using the handset without having to use bulky computers.

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I have found Samsung M620 to be a long-lasting handset that is user-friendly. It allows one to communicate effectively with friends and family. I have been using this phone for the last four years. The evaluation has been based on the ease at which one can operate the phone, the warranty period, and the accessibility of service centers.

Samsung M620

When I first bought this phone, it was a bit hard to use it even with the help of the instructions provided. The user manual was not very helpful, although it provided guides on how to use different commands. The phone was, however, user-friendly even if the user manual provided was not of much help. This is because I could communicate with friends and family well. The many features of the phone require one to read the manual carefully.

The instructions are written in many languages; this makes it possible for people of various language groups to understand the guidelines. With time, it became easy to use it since I decided to take my time to make myself familiar with the different features. I must admit that it took quite some time before understanding how to use the phone since I had never used a Samsung phone before. The size of the phone is small enough to fit in the pocket. Below is an image of the phone.

Samsung M620.
Samsung M620.

The phone had a one year warranty. The phone shop I bought it from assured me that the phone was durable; this meant that I could return it in case it presented any problems within the one year period. Sure to his word, the phone did not spoil within the one year period. Two years after the purchase, the phone accidentally fell, and it started experiencing some problems. The phone would go off unceremoniously. This does not, however, mean that it stopped functioning; it still functions although the problem of going off persists. I must, however, admit that the phone is of good quality because, despite the many falls, it still serves the main function: communication. The slide design is still intact, and the alert types still serve the intended function effectively.

The service centers are scattered; hence it is not easy to access one. Despite this, the available centers provide good services since I have visited several. They are located in main towns; this makes it hard for people living in marginalized areas to receive the services. Those buying this phone model should ensure that they can have access to service providers if they experience problems as I have. The service providers have a way of dealing with the clients in a friendly manner.

In my opinion, the features on this phone are what a modern-day person would look for. An internet-enabled phone is an important asset in today’s world. The phone has a phonebook memory of 1000 and an internal memory of 20MB. The memory is bigger since it has a memory card slot. The phone is light in weight since I carry it in my pockets without having to feel like I have a load in my pocket. Unlike the phones I have used before, this model depicts a sense of class, although it is not expensive.

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Samsung M620 is a durable phone since I have used it for the last four years. To someone who has never used a Samsung phone before, it can be hard to use this model. This is because the instructions provided in the user’s manual are not very clear. The many features of the phone require one to have a small background of their usage. A one-year warranty is provided by the suppliers on the day of purchase.

Researchers note that the warranty is a good marketing strategy since clients tend to prefer products that have a warranty. I would recommend this phone for the employees, I have used the phone for four years, and I believe that with care, I can continue enjoying its services. If there are any questions concerning this phone, I will be glad to answer them.

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