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The Tempest and the Contemporary Arts


No one would deny the fact that Shakespearean works are timeless. They have survived during the centuries and continue to ask readers various questions the answers to which help them to understand the mysteries of life. Drawing parallels between the works of the great poet and playwright helps the reader to understand the author’s message and to dig into the very essence of the work.

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Main text

The Tempest is one of the most famous plays of the final period of Shakespearean creative work. We consider the problems that the author revealed in this play to be rather topical for the present day. The interconnection between The Tempest and the modern times is quite obvious if we regard the play from the point of view of its relevance to the contemporary art. Reconciliation and the forgiveness of potentially tragic errors are perfectly depicted through the use of the same techniques as contemporary sound art does.

First of all, we should point out that the work under consideration uses a lot of attention-grabbing devices as well as contemporary art aims at. Attracting the audience’s attention has always been the main target of any author. But if nowadays the modern technologies serve as the authors’ friends in their tasks, during the Shakespearian age the playwright needed to apply to various non-mechanic techniques to impress the audience, therefore, we consider Shakespeare to be a skilful performer of sound art. This art movement of the 2000’s is concerned with sound and listening. The Tempest is also full of the effects of this type. Their main function is to render the correct atmosphere of the play.

For example, the first scene is characterized by usage of short characters’ lines. But for the lines 20-25, the characters’ words are rather harsh and dynamic. Shakespeare uses hurried dialogues to render the atmosphere of panic. Under the circumstances the characters do not have time for long conversations. They are at a loss; they try to shut themselves down as well as the noise of the storm.

Special effects in the play

The very storm is also rendered successfully by the author. Probably, the actors who played in The Tempest could clearly see how the storm should be set in front of the audience. Making as much noise as possible the actors could incarnate the author’s concept.

The noise is also created when the characters constantly come on and off stage. If we consider that The Tempest is set by some sound art performer, he or she will easily get the springboard for the effects. The very characters’ voices will help the creator to render the horrible atmosphere: the conversation between the Boatswain and the passengers becomes more and more heated. Not only is the actual cry used by Shakespeare in his play, but the cry within, as well. The cry within means shouting off-stage. Shakespeare implied the usage of this technique and its appropriate application enables us to call him a representative of the sound art that is so popular nowadays.

By using the techniques of sound art we have talked above Shakespeare manages to draw the audience into the plot and make the reader find out more.

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