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Identities within Relationships

The concept of identities has been extensively discussed in modern society, as psychologists define more and more ways for people to express themselves. Presently, the following identities can be recognized: gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, abilities, origin. All these distinctive features influence the way people communicate and interact with each other, build their relationships with both the society and within familial or romantic ties.

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A person’s identities show how they treat people and how they want to be treated by others. However, these distinctive features do not define the standards of people’s behavior. According to Tiq Milan and Kim Katrin Milan (2016), the layers of their personalities help them reevaluate various concepts and values of their relationships. These layers have changed their opinions on the way people interact with each other in familial and romantic ties. Personally speaking, an essential identity is being a son of my parents, and that underlines unconditional and selfless love and acceptance. Another relationship worth mentioning is the one you have with yourself; it is a foundation for every aspect in our life. Self-acceptance and self-love shape the relations we have with our family, partners, friends, and society in general. As for romantic ties, on the one hand, my partner’s and my distinctive features help determine ourselves; on the other hand, we embrace the differences and find a compromise. Our views on independence make our relations open, secure, and prosperous. The layers of our personalities are still developing, and, thus, prosper the relationships we have. By realizing our identities’ differences and dimensions, we help each other’s personal and social growth in familial and romantic relationships.

To conclude, acceptance of differences other people have is crucial elements for mature interaction between human beings. Understanding one’s own identities helps reevaluate the standards imposed in society, and thus this is useful to avoid discrimination and oppression that are still common in some communities. The distinctive features mentioned above empower and appreciate the values people have, which leads to harmony within familial and romantic relationships and social interactions.


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