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Nursing at Sharp HealthCare

Physicians as the main users of the health information

There are many physicians at Sharp HealthCare with a number of goals and duties to be met. For example, Dr. Marcos Borrero, underline the necessity to provide effective care including the attention to the ethical aspects of family medicine (Sharp, 2016b). Dr. Joseph Allen, as well as many other physicians of the organization, aims at providing a wide range of services in family and sports medicines to the patients of different age (Sharp, 2016a). The peculiar feature of the physicians at Sharp HealthCare is that some of them (e.g. Dr. Chughtai-Harvey and Dr. Czer) are the participants of the FollowMyHealth program within the frames of which patients could access their personal information, clarify test results, review information from doctors, and receive the required emails.

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Nurses as the backbone of health care

Nurses are introduced as the heart of health care offered in the chosen organization because this group of people makes the transformation of health care experiences between patients, physicians, and other employees possible (Sharp, 2016c). Each hospital in the Sharp system has its own team of nurses that could use the health information, change it according to the prescriptions and diagnoses made by physicians, and check its credibility.

Administrators as promoters of safety

Sharp HealthCare administrators have to complete certain functions in order to identify the need for new employees and take steps to attract and retain new people. Besides, administrators should follow the applications and control patients’ activities when they want to use server sources. Administrators help to minimize the threats that could come from unreliable and new users.

Support services and its variety

Support services of the organization vary considerably. They include bereavement care in order to help patients, who grieve, find out a new focus of living and even the possibility to try spiritual care when patients cannot make their own decisions and are in need for qualified help and explanations. There are also such services as integrative therapies with the help of which patients could facilitate or even remove the symptoms related to certain diseases. Sharp patients use hospice residences and spend more time with their family members under the supervision of trained nurses.

External users

Investigating the official site of the company, it is possible to say that such external users as insurance companies have access to the health information. Doctors cooperate with patients who have Aetna, Champus Tricare, Medicare, UnitedHealthcare, etc. plans. Therefore, such external companies could be the users of the health information provided by Sharp HealthCare.

Additional users

The information about additional users of the health information is not applicable at the site. Still, patients could investigate the company and the services offered from different parts of the world and make sure that they have or do not have access to the services offered by Sharp doctors, nurses, and other employees.

Paper medical records vs. electronic records

For a long period of time, Sharp HealthCare dealt with a number of paper records that had to be stored, edited, copied, sent, and used by doctors, nurses, and patients any time. The company proved the difficulty of having such type of records. Therefore, one of the latest decisions made by Sharp HealthCare includes the necessity to reduce or even get rid of the need for various paper records and focus on the development of the applications with the help of which electronic records could be available to all users. The facility has its official website where patients are free to leave their personal information after a registration process. As soon as the registration is passed successfully, the required portion of the information stays in the system so that physicians, nurses, and other medical staff could use it under their own rights, and patients could find the data using their personal passwords and login details.

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