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Importance of Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is what makes any company original and unique, and it directly impacts its success. Žukauskas, Vveinhardt, and Andriukaitienė (2018) note that it “distinguishes organizations from others” (p. 18). Only when company members share one vision of how it should be structured to be the most effective, a company can hope that it will achieve its aims. Corporate culture is a reflection of values and philosophy shared by all members who feel comfortable within it. That is why it is essential to care about this because a general atmosphere tells about how coherent and productive workflows are. There are things about organizational culture in Informational Systems that could be better; specifically, a new code of conduct is needed.

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The current atmosphere in Informational Systems company is too free that negatively impacts the whole workflow. The most significant reason for it is that the personal and internal discipline of workers and people generally is weakly trained, which means external one should support it. Indeed, some external discipline should be more strict and underlined to make company members control their workflow easier. Now they can often procrastinate and sometimes break deadlines which is a cause that some projects are not accomplished yet. Therefore, Informational Systems should introduce a new code of conduct to help its members be more disciplined and attain their operational goals.

In conclusion, corporate culture in any company as a definite social group is necessary for its work process and success. People are social beings; they have to have good relationships with others, especially with colleagues, that directly influences their productivity. That is why Informational Systems company should think about reforms of its corporate culture as it needs improvement if it wants to increase the efficiency of workers.


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