Indiana’s Politicians and Their Parties

Representative Andre Carson, Senator Daniel Coats, and Senator Richard Lugar are among the most prominent persons in Indiana’s current politics. In the coming elections, the three leaders are faced with enormous challenges. The leaders are to seek support from the people of Indiana to be voted in as their representatives. In this paper, I analyze the three leaders, noting their platforms, parties, their committees, and their leadership roles. Thereafter, I select one leader as my representative, stating my reasons for his support.

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As compared to Lugar and Coats, Andre Carson has served as a U.S. representative for a few years. In his early political career, Carson served as a Democratic Committee Person. Later on, he was voted in as a City-Council Councilor. As a democrat, he was first elected into public office in the year 2000. Carson has been assigned to several committee assignments. He serves in the following committees: capital markets, IMPT, insurance and other government-funded ventures.

Over the years, Carson has worked harmoniously with Obama’s administration in ensuring that appropriate funds are allocated to Indiana’s teachers, law enforcers, and businesses. As a member committee of the Capital Markets Carson’s efforts in reforming the financial industry are eminent. From the year 2008, Carson has amicably worked with Dodd Frank in ensuring that the Wall Street consumers are protected by authorizing appropriate roles.

Richard Dick Lugar, a Republican, has served in the U.S. senate for a very long period as compared to Carson. Unlike his opponents, Lugar has been re-elected to the senate seven times. He served as a senator from the year 1976 to the year 2006. As a leader, Lugar has been assigned to serve in various committees. He serves in the following committees: agriculture, nutrition, forestry, foreign relations, science, and technology. Being a committee of agriculture, Lugar was behind the success of 1996 centralized farm programs. Through this program, Lugar modernized the country’s agricultural department. In the senate, Lugar has worked as a bomb expert.

He has led several global campaigns to reduce the use and development of mass weapons. Through his programs, he has been awarded several awards for his relentless efforts. During the recent campaign platforms, Lugar pointed out his interest with respect to Obamacare, nuclear disarmament and the farm bills. Except for Obamacare, the other two interests seemed to be obsolete, as they cannot help alleviate the current challenges facing the people of Indiana.

On the coming Indiana’s elections, I will select Coats as my representative over Carson and Lugar. One of the main reasons why I prefer Coast as my representative is that he has had an excellent political record as compared to his opponents. Daniel Ray (Dan Coats) was born on May 1943 in Jackson, Michigan. He is a graduate from Wheatstone College and Indiana University. After completing his college studies, Coats served in the US army and insurance companies.

From the year 1980 to the year 1988, coats served as a congressional representative. Similarly, between the year 1988 and the year 1998, he served as the United States senator. Over the years, Coats has been on the forefront empowering families, supporting reforms in national defense and fighting for Indiana. Unlike his opponents, Coats has been acknowledged nationally for his relentless efforts to shift control, wealth and influence from Washington to Indiana. It is with these reasons that I choose Coats as my representative over Carson and Lugar.

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