Public Opinion as a Part of American Politics

Coherent society is characterized by an increased level of self-actualization, the great desire of people to be useful for their country, and their intention to change the existing state of affairs. People start to realize, that they are not just spectators, but are responsible for the future of their country and the whole world as they are the only power which can influence the process of decision making of the high and mighties. That is why, they become more and more involved in the political life of their country, trying to influence its development and relations with other countries, guaranteeing that their native state will be powerful and prosperous enough for them to be proud of it. Participating in politics, they want to get to know as much as possible about different political leaders, their programs, and popularity, as it plays an important role in the creation of the whole image of a person. Moreover, with the development of mass media, it becomes much easier to get to know about all these facts.

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That is why under these conditions the issue of public opinion becomes very important as it is one of the main factors which guarantees the power of a certain politician. Moreover, public opinion nowadays is a powerful remedy that helps to regulate the political course of the country and the activity of its leaders. Approval or disapproval of the electorate can be very influential in terms of the development of democracy and lead to significant changes in the life of any country. There are many examples in the history of different states which show the power of its remedy. Revolutions and protests are not so unique phenomena and it is possible to say that they become possible because of the change in public opinion as people are not satisfied with the existing course and want to show their feelings.

Moreover, being dependant on their electorate, politicians very carefully watch the oscillations of their popularity, trying to raise its level to guaranty their victory at the next elections and enlarge their power and authorities. That is why, public opinion can be called the main force of modern politics which predetermines the further development of the state and it becomes obvious, that it is necessary to investigate this issue to obtain full information about peculiarities of its formation and main factors that influence its oscillations. With this in mind, it is possible to say that the practice of polling becomes very important nowadays as it allows us to monitor the attitude of people towards a certain person or phenomenon. Taking it into account, it should be said that information presented on websites Polling Report (, n.d.) and Real Clear Politics (Real Clear Politics, n.d.) are very useful in terms of studying public opinion. This data promotes a better understanding of the peculiarities of American politics.


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