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Individual and Systemic Racism

First of all, no law applies only to one race and does not apply to another. If there is a violation of the law, there is a judicial system to deal with the problem. The difference between systemic and individual racism is that systemic racism spreads in society as inequality at the state level, and individual racism is the personal view of each person (King, 1994). Systemic racism is illegal under the Civil Rights Act. However, racism as a phenomenon puts forward the erroneous claim that one race is responsible for all the progress in history. This means that most cases of racism in modern society are individual.

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Thus, the Jordan Davis Case could be racist, and his shooter Dunn has shown violent behavior in the past. Dunn stated that Davis threatened him with a pistol or a stick; evidence has proven that this is impossible. According to Dunn’s testimony, this confirms the assertion that the shooting was carried out for particular racial reasons. The respondent, who is a person of color, replied that there is individual racism in this case.

Since the teenagers did not pose any threat, it can be concluded that the reason for the shelling was a person’s prejudice to skin color. The respondent also notes that such behavior on the part of a person is unforgivable, and a life sentence without early release is fully justified. Another respondent, who is a white person, also noted that the murder of a teenager resulted from individual racism. He replied that no one person could harm another under any circumstances, including a personal dislike for skin color. Thus, both people see signs of individual racism in the case of Jordan Davis. This heightens concern about the state of modern society, which is still subject to racism and racial hate crimes.


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