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Indra Nooyi’s Management at PepsiCo

Indra Nooyi is a businesswoman who used her networking intellect skills to transform her firm and win the hearts and minds of her staff, as well as build a massive system of communication. She utilized several approaches to boost her mental powers and manner of thinking in a short period of time as a boss and high-ranking businesswoman (CNBC, 2018). She has a tendency to hold on to an immigrant mindset. As a converted American citizen, Nooyi keeps this perspective to remember that whatever position she occupies might be taken away at any time. It should also be noted that she is always conscious of the expectations that come with being a leader (LinkedIn News, 2020).

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She told herself after she started to be CEO of the huge corporation that it was a great challenge since she had worked for several companies and had important roles. It was another story when she became the CEO. According to Nooyi, no matter how near to the peak one’s position is, it is always more thrilling than becoming a CEO, and possessing the expertise and experience from past jobs would not help.

Nooyi believes in the value of lifelong learning as well. Her practices allow assuming that she sees the difference between micro and macro management techniques. Nooyi manages the firm not only by focusing on the large picture but also by paying attention to the finer points (Startup Stories, 2017). She handles her staff with humanity in mind at all times. Despite her achievements and authority, she maintains her groundedness. Her folks are capable of ensuring her support (The Franklin Institute, 2019).

Nooyi recognizes the importance of the value of public-private partnerships. She believes that both the private and public sectors should approach each other as partners rather than enemies. Nooyi urges people to feel at ease and genuine to themselves (Women in the World, 2019). During family events, she still walks about barefoot and takes good care of phone conversations with relatives. Regardless, despite being the CEO of PepsiCo, she wears a Sari to work and does not forget her roots. This also entails treating her employees like more distant relatives and allowing a more relaxed working atmosphere.

Given the abovementioned facts, the following strengths of Nooyi can be identified. First, she has extensive and deep relationships with her coworkers, customers, and rivals. Second, she has a positive and close relationship with her staff and their families. Third, she is concerned about the environment as well as social consciousness. Fourth, Nooyi strikes a balance between job, home, and societal relations, as well as employs this program despite being an employee. Fifth, she allows employees to pick or create their preferred culture. Sixth, when Nooyi arrived at Pepsi, the staff turnover ratio dropped, and the working conditions improved in order to keep staff motivated. Finally, she makes long-term judgments and is concerned for the future of the entire generation.

However, the following weaknesses of Nooyi within the given scope are also present. First, she is very concerned about her staff, which may have an impact on the organization’s output and profit. Second, Nooyi has a maternal perspective or point of view that has a detrimental impact on the company. Third, her personality and style can only be used in specific situations that need originality and ingenuity. Fourth, she is really hard on herself and holds herself to rigorous expectations that not many employees can meet. Fifth, her deep and close relationship with her staff has an impact on both leaders and followers, delaying the decision-making process. To conclude, it seems reasonable to state that Nooyi is rather a significant leader than a practical manager. She pays a lot of attention to social relations and the related values in order to constantly encourage, support, and motivate the staff.


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