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Informatics and Healthcare Documentation

In the course of the development of computer technologies, data transmission acquired a new electronic status. Needless to say that paper documentation is in the past and there is a tangible tendency to download all necessary information into the computer as it is considered to be the safest and effective method of data storage. However, computer data banks could be a serious problem in the interaction between the nurse staff and the client since the nurse should have easy access to the patient data and should easily handle it. Consequently, the nurse and the patient should have a good command of informatics science. So, let consider the role of informatics in healthcare documentation and how it influences the working process.

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First of all, it should be mentioned that paper data storage is the past century since paper documents are difficult to store for a long period. Besides, a paper routine takes a great deal of time to systemize all the documents and even more time to find them later. Thus, we could speak about the accuracy and credibility of sources. Hence comes, insufficient attention to the patient treatment is paid. In addition, documentation of paper type restricts the possibility of the nurse staff to cope with the information properly.

Secondly, it should be taken into consideration that the healthcare industry is considered to be the biggest concentration of information at administrative and medical management levels. Consequently, informatics has made a considerable contribution to the acceleration of data exchange between the medical staff and the patient. Moreover, the patient demand for the information has significantly increased in the last years due to the social awareness rise (Sears A. & Jacko A.J. 2008 p. 666).

As a result, the current medical service should be reformed due to the introduction of a new way of data storage and processing due to considerable progress of the computer sciences. So, today all the records about the patient should be kept in the electronic variant that imposes some obligations on the nurse staff especially on those who have not mastered the science of informatics (Deutsch, T., Cramp D. C., Carson E. R 2008 p.473 ). Another strong point of electronic data storage is a higher level of confidentiality. Simply speaking, the information may be additionally shielded from illegal access to it. So, the patient should not worry about data leakage.

And finally, it goes without saying that the application of informatics science greatly improves healthcare management and encourages active cooperation and more profitable healthcare service. This is especially important when an innovated culture in managing has eaten itself into the medical sphere. In addition, the high–tech level enormously affects the competitiveness of medical establishments (Conrick M. 2006 p. 98).

Still, there are some disadvantages of keeping information using the software. For instance, access failure is probable because of computer viruses and or equipment error.

The importance of the introduction of informatics into the field of healthcare is also explained by the dramatic development of biometrical brunch that requires a statistical approach in studying the subject. New approaches in the medical sphere imply larger volume data processing and justify the automation of the healthcare system. In other words, it needs for complex systematization of information (O’Carroll P. W. 2003 p.17). Thus, I can objectively believe that the cooperation of informatics and the healthcare system is justified.

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