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Initiating Tourism Recovery: New Approach to COVID-19 Travel

Specific Purpose: To persuade my listeners that novel traveling measures are required to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on world tourism.

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Central Idea: Supplementary policies are needed to improve the economic state of the world countries and elevate the interest in international travel.


  • Attention Getter: The consequences of COVID-19 have significantly impacted the tourism industry, which suffered a tremendous amount of restrictions, subsequently diminishing the economic output of numerous nations. Traveling bans, entry regulations, and export complications are implemented by multiple countries in an effort to protect the citizens from the possible spread of the virus. However, as new vaccines are being introduced and a general immune resistance towards the contagion becomes evident, it is imperative to consider an alteration in the current laws.
  • Reveal Topic: The negative effects of worldwide restrictions have posed any remarkable decline in the tourism industry, creating considerable difficulties for the global economy. As around 90% of all passenger traffic between countries is currently prohibited, multiple consequences, for instance, economic distress and lack of import-export movement, further decrease the state of worldwide travel (Devi, 2020). To address these ramifications, it is essential to initiate a recovery for the tourism sector, creating additional traveling possibilities for immune populations.
  • Establish Credibility: The adverse consequences of the restrictions on international tourism greatly affect numerous individuals, corporations, and governments. Given the importance of this area and its potential in resolving the public tension and economic complications, additional interest should be devoted to the possibilities created by vaccination initiatives.
  • Previewing Main Points: In this speech, I will discuss the negative ramifications on the tourism industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and suggest a resolution through the alleviation of traveling restrictions for vaccinated individuals.

(Transition: I will begin by clarifying the significance of international tourism and the impact of COVID-19 and local regulations.)


  1. The evolution of the coronavirus and its spread throughout the world has introduced a variety of issues connected to cross-border travel and personal interaction. Concerned by the threat to the citizens’ health, a majority of countries have implemented novel regulations aiming to reduce the frequency of interpersonal communication and the exchange of goods (Devi, 2020). The tourism sector suffered a considerable decline in economic output, prompting the rise of further challenges.
      1. Some countries remarkably depend on the profits received from the area of tourism, which can bring substantial financial benefits for the government. However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, upholding the needed level of tourist interest has become impossible, damaging the nation’s funds.
      2. A noteworthy complication lies in the absence of frequent passenger flights, a prominent factor in the affluence of product exchange between countries. As a majority of cargo is transported via commercial flights, a tremendous number of resources remain located at the departure country (Devi, 2020). Necessary supplies, from food to medical appliances, cannot be shipped to their destination due to the border closures and travel bans.
      3. Another issue is addressed by the World Health Organization (WHO), which comments on the prolonged traveling restrictions and their effect on international tourism and trade (Devi, 2020). Although the WHO advises to reduce the severity of existing legislations and promotes establishing open borders whenever possible, a number of states introduce laws that confront the suggestions, further postponing the renewal of travel.

(Transition: Now that you understand the issue, how could it be solved?)

  1. Given the exceptional role of tourism in the international exchange of goods and professional knowledge, it is imperative to establish worldwide regulations that will promote the systems of public travel.
      1. Combining private and public support might be a beneficial strategy to battle the ramifications of COVID-19. In their study “Impact of COVID-19 on the Travel and Tourism Industry”, Škare et al. (2021) claim that it is possible to avoid the destructive impact of pandemic outbreaks through careful examination of possible approaches.
        1. A beneficial method includes developing flexible and resilient policies that allow controlled transportation between countries’ borders and support the initiative of public representatives. Incorporating the possibility of international travel for individuals who have been vaccinated might be of significant advantage both for the governments and the citizens.
        2. To protect the stability of international companies and sustain a proper level of economic output, it is possible to implement a distinct set of legislations for these enterprises.
      1. Another study by Anzai et al. (2020) suggests that an appropriate balance between the epidemiological threat and economic fallout should be maintained to properly battle the spread of the coronavirus. In their article “Assessing the Impact of Reduced Travel on Exportation Dynamics of Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)“, the authors explain that compared to complete lockdown, the efficiency of which is debated, introducing options for vaccinated individuals appears to be a more effective approach.
        1. By limiting but not restricting traveling arrangements, it is possible to create a scenario during which the potential of distributing the infection remains small, simultaneously allowing for the transportation of goods between the countries. Therefore, it is not necessary to severely prohibit the freedom for travel, as a balanced approach to tourism can be a prominent resolution.


Signal the End: To wrap things up,

Reinforce Central Idea: Today, you learned the importance of tourism for the affluence of the global economy and how the traveling measures introduced due to COVID-19 have drastically decreased the financial output of this sector. With the availability of effective vaccines and the creation of balanced strategies to travel restrictions, the damage to the tourism industry can be alleviated.

End Memorably: With your help, the worldwide economy and tourism will receive an opportunity to recover, offering multiple companies and individuals a chance to return to ordinary life.

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