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International Development: Goals and Projects


This is a broad term that can also be referred to as global development. International development generally summarizes wider categories of multi-disciplinary context involving human developments. The main aim of global development is to improve living standards, alleviating and eradicating poverty among the human population globally.

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International development goals

In this area, a lot has been done globally as part of international development. This is evident based on the millennium development goals, which was developed by the majority of United Nations states and organization (Wpro. who 2012). One of the major objectives passed allowed access to basic healthcare by all humans on earth. This millennium goal strongly favored African since strong and competent health facilities have been donated to the continent by the World Health Organization (WHO). Research clearly shows that health facilities in Africa are weak and often vary from one state to another (Wpro. who 2012). Proper training of medical health workers has been on the forefront simply to ensure that qualified people manage and co-ordinate the health facilities according to the standard measures set by WHO. WHO has also advanced and produced a draft health system strengthening (HSS). This is meant to perfectly assist everyone in delivering the best-improved health services. WHO has also granted funds for the construction of modern laboratories in poor countries precisely to improve health outcomes (Wpro. who 2012).

Notable to mention is that, following the Copenhagen world summit held in the year 1995, several studies carried out by UNDP took place. The major objective of these studies was to assess relevant strategies to be used to eradicate poverty in developing countries. The first step was to establish offices meant for planning and time to time monitoring programs established on poverty reduction. The World Bank also came up with a strategy of reducing the debt burden of the poorest countries internationally ( 2012).

Globally, disaster management is one of the most fundamental sectors that require attention. This is because of the protection of human life. As part of international development, the more ideal laboratory has been set up globally. Such laboratories allow researchers to practically conduct experiments and developments of theories. More humanitarian assistance has also been deployed especially in developing countries frequently attacked by natural disasters. This follows the need to assist poor countries frequently attacked by natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and landslides. The focus must be directed on how to utilize disaster preparedness and how to conduct post-disaster assistance inclusive of medical back-ups (Payson. Tulane 2012). International agencies like USAID, have formalized their direct support to developing countries on disaster management by providing relief and rehabilitation support ( 2012).

According to the world development report 2012, the World Bank for the first time has joined hands and devoted its support to the topic of gender equality. This devotion has been directed towards equalizing gender differences in economic opportunities, earnings, and productivity. Additionally, the World Bank is also fighting to ensure gender gaps are drastically reduced in the education, social security, and political areas in the human capital (Razavi 2012). Seminars, training, and research funded by World Bank have extensively been ongoing in many countries to assassinate gender discrimination. As part of international developments, rapid technological advancements have been put forward over skills and education improvement across the world. It has been proven that the improvement of specialized skills is the best tool to fight and eradicate global poverty (Adkins 2012). Some numerous businesses and institutions offer free education to employees.


In summary, there are many international development projects already done and those yet to be done. It’s important to note that by the year 2030, the EU energy initiative will pave way for developing countries to access sustainable energy (Yumkella 2012). This is part of international development specifically developed as a strategy to eradicate poverty in developing countries. Similarly, most African countries due to poverty are the greatest beneficiaries of many international developmental projects ( 2012).


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