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Interracial Couples: Concepts and the Nature of Problems


Although some societies have accepted and integrated the concept of racial marriages in their societal practices, still the concept faces a lot of prejudice not only from external members of families but also from natural problems, associated with differences in couples cultures. To a larger extent, such segregations jeopardize endeavors of globalization and technological advancements, which have sought to make the world a single community, with not only integrated communication systems but also a world with a multi racial-culture.

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Although individuals may argue that the concept had undergone a tremendous transformation more so in America, with the ever-increasing numbers of interracial couples, still in some states segregation is evident, with the latest case being the denying of a marriage license to an American interracial duo by a Louisiana justice (Foster, p. 1). Such a denial is a clear indication of the still looming racial segregations; in terms of marriages, which still exist in society.

With such prevalent segregations prevalent in American society; although the numbers are tumbling down, many couples are faced with many challenges as they endeavor to keep their promises to their partners. Such challenges include open hostility and coercion, Isolation, family rejections, derogatory comments, and some types of negative stereotyping, accompanied by unusual” stares, abuses, sneers, and slights.

Many negate the concept of interracial marriages primarily be the cause, of the societal held values towards a specific community of individuals. Among all interracial marriages in the united states, the black-Caucasian intermarriages are the most looked down upon, a fact that research attributes to the prevalent disapproval of such marriages by most Caucasian families, due to cultural reasons.

Also, previously there was a great antagonism against marriages between blacks and whites, hence the minimal numbers of such marriages that existed, although the concept has undergone a transformation, with cases of white-black marriages prevalent in the present American society. Apart from such societal influences on this form of marriages, to some extent, the whole segregation concept occurs because of self-hate that is prevalent among communities with different origins.

It is important to note that the U.S. has many minority groups, which came to America either as slaves or as war immigrants. This makes a majority of the whites to despise such communities on the grounds that, most of them marry them for rising into powers or substance gains hence, making most parents to discourage marriages between their children and other minority groups. This paper will examine concepts of interracial couples and the nature of problems such as couples face or have been facing (Root, pp.164-172).

Interracial Couples

Before 1967, interracial marriage was an illegal concept in the United States, however, with the legalization of the concept; as a result of the adoption of laws that protected such marriages, their numbers have soared to the currently approximated number 1.6 million. Also, with laws protecting such couples, the 2000 census marked the turning point, as far as interracial marriages were concerned, because for the first time people acknowledged their origins, with little fear of intimidation.

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Addition information from the same census showed that more than 93% of the reports cases originated from two different racial settings; more than seven percent originated from more than three racial backgrounds, and almost eight hundred and twenty-three originated from all six ethnic races present in the United States. Of these numbers, marriages between whites and Asians were more prevalent as compared to marriages between whites and blacks.

Although these numbers are clear indications of not only the respect this society has started to accord such marriages but also the direction the American society is heading towards; a multiracial society, still interracial marriages face many challenges both internal and external to such marriages.

Also, although the American societies have accepted the concept as a common phenomenon, the topic of interracial marriages is one of the most controversial topics in American society. This is case primarily because; there is great opposition or antagonism towards interracial marriages, more so between the blacks and the whites; a case that is prevalent among the whites, owing to the ‘white supremacy” concept, which has been there since time memorial (Kelley, p.1).

Also, as research indicates, the primary reason behind partial acceptance of marriages between whites and Asians is that this ethnic group has a high ability to integrate itself into other cultures. The case is very different with it comes to other cultural groups due to the notion that there exist many cultural-conflicting issues between these groups; hence, acting as the greatest impediment on assimilation.

Examples of many cultural issues associated with intercultural marriages include differences in parenting orientations, gender issues; more so in duty assignment, child rearing, customs, and differences in languages. Embracing of such cultural issues has led to the many challenges faced by interracial couples, which includes scorns, abuses, family rejections and isolations (Kelley, p.2)

Challenges faced by Interracial Couples

Majority of challenges facing couples; mostly between whites and other colors occur due to the questioning of the motives behind such marriages. Although most couples marry out of love for each other, the majority of individuals will always associate such marriages as ill-motivated or intentioned.

That is, a good section of the American society views such marriages as a material gain mechanism, a notion refuted by research findings. Therefore, such motives are the main causative agents of the prevalent family problems among interracial couples, which unless dealt with can lead to marriage breakages, and eventual divorce.

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Both the society and culture have roles they play, as concerns the success of marriage hence, because culture determines a society’s life, it is one of the primary cause of many challenges faced by interracial couples. This occurs primarily because; regardless of the nature of love, which may exist between these couples at all times, such families have to recognize their cultural differences and formulate mechanisms of integrating them in the family.

Therefore, failure to honor such differences and integrate the family has been one primary obstacle to the success of these families. Many ethnic minority groups, with varying cultures, make up the U.S. Therefore, for any marriage to succeed there has to be acceptance of both cultures into the family, a case that most couples fight over, as each endeavor to ensure their culture takes precedence in a family (Kelley, pp. 3-7).

A good portion of the American families lacks correct mechanisms of upbringing children of a mixed race, a case that becomes worse in families, which do not live in cosmopolitan towns.

On the other hand, it becomes very hard for these couples to balance and embrace any cultural differences, which may exist, a concept that families always transfer to children; hence, making them lack the required confidence in their parent’s ethnicities. It is important to note that, in the typical American society identification with a specific ethnic group is one of the primary concepts, which an individual; be they young or old, must endeavor to achieve.

Hence, the case becomes very complex when it comes to interracial families, where each culture will seek recognition. Interracial parents within the U.S. want their children to follow their cultural practices; hence, because most families lack mechanisms of agreeing on such factors, many interracial couples face a primary challenge of instilling in children their appropriate societal values.

This is the main reason behind the antagonism faced by most marriages between blacks and whites because many types of research on the American societies have revealed that, most children born of marriages between blacks and whites have domineering black parent’s features (Lloyd, p.1)

Another main obstacle to these marriages is the cultural heritage concept. Majority of individuals; more so the blacks believe that, when their “own” marry another individual from another race, that is a betrayal of their cultural heritage.

That is, most individuals believe that likelihoods of such individuals forgetting their cultures are high, hence for them to ensure that such like a thing never occurs, they always do all that is at their disposal, to make sure such a marriage never succeeds. Also, individuals will always oppose interracial marriages on the grounds that, such marriages are disloyalty to their cultural taboos, which oppose interracial marriages, a case that is prevalent among the Asian minorities in the U.S. (Fields, p. 1).

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Parental influences and oppositions is another challenge facing this form of marriages. Parental approval is one of the primary determinants of likelihoods of a marriage succeeding; hence, failure by a couple to secure that acceptance means that there will be much antagonism towards such a couple; a case that is very evident in many societies.

This is because; many existing factors among interracial couples, for example, the language may result in many conflicts, due to likelihoods of misunderstandings between immediate families of these couples. The case is worse in situations where these parents at one time expressed some form of antagonism towards such a union; hence, will use such differences to make sure most of these marriages fail.

Such differences can lead to the isolation of these couples, due to most parents feeling that their children have rebelled against then hence, deserve bad treatment. It is important to note there that, parents are the primary perpetrators of any form of racism or stereotyping, which occurs in the society, a fact that most individuals attribute to the feeling of betrayal of one’s culture.

Because of such stereotypes perpetrated by parents, in most cases, most societies will have a negative attitude towards such couples; hence, to isolate them, scorning them or in exaggerated cases abusing them. On the other hand, research has attributed such rejections from parents as the root causes of the many wars that exist among couples.

This case is prevalent among many marriages due to the fact that different individuals perceive such rejections differently, a fact that may contribute to a rift between many interracial couples, in case they lack correct mechanism of dealing with their problems (Root, pp. 167-178).


In conclusion, although there are many prevalent problems among interracial couples, it is important for all individuals to note that the majority of those challenges are external to the family unit; hence, the success of a marriage does not depend on skin color, but rather it depends on other factors internal and external to an individual. These factors include proper communication mechanisms, problem-solving methodologies, and the nature of life values and practices embraced by individuals in a marriage (Anna, p.1).

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