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  1. Marriage or Cohabitation: Benefits and Drawbacks
    The paper compares marriage and cohabitation relationship. Both relationships have the potential to become lifetime partnerships, each has its own drawbacks and benefits.
  2. Gay Marriage Should not be Legal
    Due to media popularization of gay rights, opposition of gay rights to marriage is normally equated to intolerance.
  3. Healthy Marriage and Family Relationships
    This essay examines the significance of scientifically based knowledge on marriages and family relationships with a view of establishing how good choices increase longevity.
  4. Relationships: Different Views on Gay Marriage
    Gay marriage is a topical issue caused by different perceptions and understanding of human nature and interpersonal relations. The approaches towards gay marriage are liberal and conservative.
  5. The Social Construct Of Marriage
    The modern world considers marriage as a social construct. The culture and the conventions of a country have a very prominent role in marriage.
  6. Concept of Same-sex Marriage
    Same sex marriage is becoming common and accepted legally and socially in many societies. This is more common in more advanced economies like UK, Europe and USA.
  7. “Same-Sex Marriage in Canada” by Jay Makarenko
    “Same-Sex Marriage in Canada” focused on the analysis of historical and legal processes that culminated in the legalization of same-sex marriages in the country.
  8. Healthy Marriage and Family Relationships
    This essay examines the significance of scientifically based knowledge on marriages and family relationships with a view of establishing how good choices increase longevity.
  9. Debate Surrounding Same-Sex Marriage
    Eight states have legalized same-sex marriages in USA.These states argue that gays and lesbians, as the citizens of the United States, should enjoy the civil benefits of marriage.
  10. For and Against of Gay Marriage
    Same-sex marriages is a union that takes place between two people who belong to the same social gender or similar biological sex.
  11. Gender Studies: Same-Sex Marriage
    Same sex marriage is a moral issue that has raised controversies in many parts of the world. It is popularity referred to as homosexuality.
  12. Marriage Contract’ Legal Provisions
    The contract cannot cover each of aspect of family life. Much attention should be paid to such issues as emotional closeness, openness, or empathy.
  13. Child Marriage Issue in Afghanistan
    This essay is a summary of the connection between a child rights group and its link with child marriage, and an analysis of other forms of child abuse.
  14. Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling
    The article, “Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling,” by Peralta Eyder, explores the controversial 2013 ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by the US Supreme Court.
  15. Sociology Family Matters: Happy and Successful Marriage
    To be successful in marriage, couples need to spend time before entering into the relationship to ensure that minimal discrepancies exist in terms of mutual interests.
  16. Same-Sex Marriage: US Laws and Attitudes
    Tradition alone cannot serve as a justification to refuse someone their right to marry, thus discriminating against them based on their sexual orientation.
  17. Why Same-Sex Marriage Should Be a Norm?
    With the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States the public has divided the views on this point into two opposite frameworks.
  18. Gay Marriage and Ethical Theories
    Despite being supported by some ethical theories, gay marriages are not good for the marriage institution and should not be supported.
  19. Cohabitation vs. Traditional Marriage
    Cohabitation has taken an increasing trend in the young population and many people prefer it for compatibility before marriage.
  20. Love, Sex, and Marriage in Ancient and Middle Ages
    The attitude to love, sex, and marriage has changed in the course of our history. Numerous societies created their own approaches to these questions.

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  1. Law of Desire: Temporary Marriage in Shi’i Iran
    The author aimed to explain how “contractual” or temporary marriage provided the Muslim community with an efficient and practical solution for fulfilling their basic human needs.
  2. Discriminatory Traditions Regarding Marriage in Egypt
    In Egypt, the situation remains complex as its population adheres to old, inhumane, and discriminative traditions regarding the marriage and partners` rights in it.
  3. Same-Sex Marriage as a Moral Controversy
    Commonly same-sex marriages were considered to be immoral and were not supported by society. However, recently they became legal in some countries and several states of America.
  4. Marriage in Bradstreet’s, Dooley’s, Larkin’s Works
    This paper discusses marriage life in Bradstreet’s “To My Dear and Loving Husband”, Dooley’s “Post-Its (Notes on a Marriage)”, and Holzman and Larkin’s “Talking in Bed”.
  5. Marriage Equality: LGBT Couples’ Constitutional Issues
    This essay explores the constitutional issue of marriage equality for married same-sex partners that still face discrimination, as shows the example of the case of Pavan v. Smith.
  6. Love and Marriage in “The Philadelphia Story” Film
    This essay bases on the film ‘The Philadelphia Story’ and explains the historical significance of the issue of love and marriage in American society in the 1940s.
  7. Marriage in “Popular Mechanics” by Raymond Carver
    “Popular Mechanics” by Carver is a story full of realism that uses the social issue of marriage problems to argue that quarreling in the family can harm both parents and children.
  8. Cohabitation and Its Advantages Over Marriage
    In recent years, cohabitation has rose significantly in the US as more couples choose to live together outside the institution of marriage.
  9. Marriage and Family Counseling
    The woman in the discussed situation decided to preserve her autonomy, and in case the marriage is truly frustrating for her, then she has the right to act so.
  10. Marriage in Family Life and Government Policies
    Marriage is essential in every family. People get into the lifelong covenant of marriage for spiritual protection, joy, security, and meaning to the people involved.
  11. Can Marriage End Poverty?
    Marriages to some degree alleviate poverty, but not all marriages can do so. Only marriages build on sound principles can achieve such a feat.
  12. Talking Traditions of Marriage
    In “Talking traditions of marriage – negotiating young British Bangladeshi femininities”, Pichler uses a variety of techniques that are traditionally considered ‘masculine’ in order to get her point across.
  13. Christian Counseling for Marriage and Family
    This paper discusses Christian counseling for marriage and family described in “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.
  14. Civil Rights: Same-Sex Marriage in Texas
    Using the case of Texas, this paper identifies different cartoons published within the past two years to discuss the predicaments associated with the given civil rights concern.
  15. Young Marriage: Good or Not Good?
    Marriages play a very important role in the life of every person. Some people may think that marriages are the gates to grown-up life with its advantages and disadvantages.
  16. Marriage Satisfaction and Its Factors
    In this paper, factors that go into relationship and marriage satisfaction will be explored in order to understand their effects better.
  17. Marriage in “A Doll’s House” Play by Henrik Ibsen
    There are several prominent themes raised in Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, including the discussion of feminism, freedom, happiness, and dignity.
  18. Marriage According to Geoffrey Chaucer and Jane Austen
    This focus of this paper is a critical evaluation of the way the characters of Chaucer and Jane Austen looked at life and marriage.
  19. Marriage in Pride & Prejudice: Research Paper
    The paper provides several angles to look at the subject of marriage, deals with the institution of marriage as dealt with in the book by Jane Austen, The Pride and Prejudice.
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