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Introduction to Sociology


It is a common perception that has led people to say “men are from Mars and women from Venus”. This is because men and women are very different in their personalities, attitudes, views, and values among other things. Relationships between men and women can be grouped as thriving or surviving (Crooks & Baur, 2008). A thriving relationship is a proper relationship that makes both parties happy. A surviving relationship is a relationship that exists not because both parties are happy but because there is a circumstance that forces it to stay. Therefore, it takes an effort for a man and a woman to build a stable thriving relationship.

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In our society today, proper relationships are becoming harder to build. This is because women are becoming more learned and engage themselves in demanding careers. Due to women becoming independent financially and career-wise men find it hard to please them. Nowadays every woman is smart and beautiful and men are stuck to their daily tasks. A proper relationship between a man and a woman is the one that helps one grow into something great. It enables both parties to realize their potential, have fun, and makes them happy. A proper relationship should make everyone involved feel good about themselves and grow in new areas. An attraction forms the basis for love which forms the basis of a proper relationship.

Personally, my belief is that a proper relationship between a man and a woman does not exist solely because of love. Most of my friends dating the people they love do not always end up building a happy marriage or healthy relationship. Love helps in covering for so many sins and this attraction without putting efforts to make the other person happy is fruitless. Compatibility is the major aspect that builds a proper relationship. Once a couple identifies with similar values, interests, and future plans they can have a thriving relationship.

The two agents that have influenced me most in building proper relationships are family and friends. At home, the relationship between my mother and my father shows that a man is supposed to be respected and a woman is supposed to be loved. My family has made me believe that people don’t survive merely because of love but because they understand and respect each other. The friends on the other hand have made me learn that relationships are hard to maintain. Most of my friends have had a bad relationship and very few of them have thriving relationships. Most relationships survive if there is respect, understanding, and compatibility (Newman, 2009).

The current news event that I think stereotyping is occurring is the Tiger woods Mistresses scandal. Most people believe that all men wealthy and poor cheat on their wives and it is only that most of them do not get caught. There is the belief that men cheat on their wives because women allow them to. For Example in this case as with many other cheating husband scandals, women would have an affair with a man as long as he is wealthy and has money. The news event stereotypes all men as “cheaters” while on the other hand men classify women as “gold diggers”, both cases which are not necessarily always true.


Mother: They said they will be back to see you.

Me: Are you quite certain?

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Mother: That’s what they said. Moments after you left

Me: I will wait for them

Mother: You should choose your friends carefully.

Me: They are nice Mum, we cope well.

Mother: Remember good friends are supposed to instill good values in you and should watch out for you. They should be trustworthy and respect your decisions.

Me: Yes, That’s the start of it. But don’t you worry. We will be back on time. (Silence. I look at my mother.) What’s the matter, mother? Something seems to be bothering you.

Mother: There’s nothing wrong. I just want you to take care of yourself. Make good decisions and have proper relationships with the right people.

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Me: I will make right decisions and incase I need some advice I will talk to you. I will not give you a hard time.

Mother: That is not what I meant. It is just an old woman’s dream. I just want a bit of peace that my children are in charge. (She gives a weak laugh.).


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