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Iron Deficiency Anemia Condition in a Woman

Anemia is the most common blood-related diseases affecting a wide range of people in the world today. Anemia affects people of all ages, including children and adults. All genders are prone to anemia as well. Most people associate anemia with lack of blood, which is partly the cause of the disease. However, there are many causes of anemia, but not all anemic conditions result from lack of blood. Diet and low intake of certain substances reduce the effectiveness of the blood, thus causing the anemic condition (Ganda, 2013). Iron deficiency, for instance, is a major cause of anemia among women. However, Anemia is a multifaceted condition with a significant number of risk factors. Ms. A case presents an iron deficiency anemic condition, which is the most common anemic condition in Europe, Asia, and America.

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Low levels of hemoglobin in the patient’s blood are a clear indication of low levels of healthy red blood cells. Iron deficiency affects the normal production of red blood cells, thus reducing the effectiveness of the blood in the body. Iron is a vital element in the production of healthy red blood cells. Healthy red blood cells have enough hemoglobin to circulate oxygen around the body (Huch & Schaefer, 2006). A mature woman should have hemoglobin levels of at least 12 g/dl. Ms. A’s blood indicates hemoglobin levels of 8 g/deal, which is lower than the normal standard. Additionally, the red blood cell smear indicates the presence of microcytic and hypochromic, which further confirms that the condition in question is iron deficiency anemia.

Iron deficiency often occurs because of poor intake of iron, and other poor dietary practices. However, the condition can also occur because of excessive blood loss. The condition is common in women of the childbearing age, especially those who experience excessive bleeding during their menses. Blood carries iron, therefore, excessive loss of blood over time can affect the normal amount of iron required by the body. As indicated in her report, the patient has been experiencing menorrhagia for about twelve years. In addition, the patient takes Aspirins about six days during her menses to reduce dysmenorrhea and joint stiffness. Aspirins cause gastric ulcers through which a person’s losses blood slowly (Uthman, 2009). The loss of blood through excessive menstrual bleeding and gastric ulcers are the major cause of the low levels of iron in the patient’s body.

Lack of oxygen causes fatigue, abnormal respiratory rates, and elevated heart rates. The patient indicates that she experiences joint stiffness, which is an indication of lack of oxygen in the body. Additionally, the patient experiences elevated heart and respiratory rate as indicated in her report. Almost all people suffering from any anemia condition undergo the same challenges. However, Ms. A indicates that her symptoms worsen during her menses when her level of blood loss is high. The patient takes the aspirins during her menses, which further increases blood loss through gastric ulcers. The fact that her conditions worsen during her menses explains the causes of her iron deficiency in the body. On the other hand, athletic participation causes the expansion of red blood cell mass that reduces the amount of iron in the body (Uthman, 2009). Ms. A is a golfer, and, therefore, she is at risk of iron deficiency. For this reason, it is conclusive enough that Ms. A suffers from iron deficiency anemia.


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