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Jean Watson’s Nursing Theory of Human Caring

There are many nursing theories, some of which are more popular than others. Such famous nursing theorists as Dorothea Orem, Callista Roy, Imogene King, Florence Nightingale, Betty Newman, Jean Watson, and others have made a considerable contribution to the development of the nursing profession. The works of these specialists help millions of nursing students and workers to perform their highest duty of caring for patients with the best outcomes. In this paper, I will analyze a video introducing Jean Watson’s theory.

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I chose to watch the video with Jean Watson because I find her theory of human caring one of the most valuable nursing approaches. The principles incorporated in Watson’s theory include equality, spiritual care, friendliness, and kindness (Watson, 2013). The ten Caritas that formulate the basics of Watson’s approach involve such elements as practicing sympathy, maintaining altruistic values, developing caring relationships, and encouraging patients with faith and hope (Watson, 2013). I have read much scholarly literature on this topic, and I wanted to hear the author of the theory to make sure that I understood the premises of her approach correctly.

My personal philosophy acknowledges caring as the highest goal of nurses’ work. Therefore, I can say that I entirely agree with Jean Watson’s theory that teaches us to be attentive, patient, loving, supportive, and, above all, caring. I realize how crucial nurses’ support is for patients who find themselves in poor health and feel desperate and helpless. I believe that it is my duty as a nurse to provide patients with all possible care and encouragement I have to offer. Thus, I cannot but agree with Watson’s theory.

There were several things about the video that surprised me. First of all, it was astonishing to see the theorist in such great shape after so many years of hard work and some personal drama issues. Secondly, I did not expect the lecture to be both so long and informative.

One might think that it is boring to listen to one speaker for over an hour, but it was definitely not the case with Jean Watson. Thirdly, one issue mentioned by the theorist specifically drew my attention. When giving an answer to a listener from the audience, Watson said, “the heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart” (IANDS videos, 2017). The part where she shared her thoughts on this argument was especially interesting.

I would recommend other students to watch this video because it is not only informative but also highly inspiring. Jean Watson is an outstanding speaker. She can attract listeners’ attention, she uses visual aids to illustrate her points of view, and she is a person who one looks at and listens to with much interest. The ideas discussed by Watson are necessary to get acquainted with and analyze.

The value I received from watching the video is rather high. I enriched my knowledge and got acquainted with some personal insights of one of the most outstanding nursing theorists of all times. I have always admired Jean Watson’s work and respected her contribution to the development of nursing practice. Watching the video helped me to understand the concepts of Watson’s theory better and to adjust my personal nursing philosophy. I consider this video a valuable resource for all nursing students.

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