Pressure Ulcers: Change Proposal Guidelines


Pressure ulcers are often experienced by those patients who have problems with movement and cannot change their position without assistance. In many cases, this condition is associated with surgical interventions, but it is only one possible cause. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent the occurrence of this issue, but nurse professionals fail to meet this goal, and the number of patients who suffer from pressure ulcers increased with the course of time.

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Of course, nurses can use various guidelines to treat this condition, as it is already well discussed. However, more attention should be paid to the possibility to prevent the development of pressure ulcers at all, as they not only cause pain and worsen the overall health condition, but also require additional resources and time. In this way, healthcare organizations need to focus on the possibility to use new approaches to prevent pressure ulcers. For instance, they can focus on the repositioning of the patient. Moreover, previous research studies show that appropriate nutrition and moisturizing have a positive effect on the skin. Thus, these solutions should be included in the nursing-focused plan.

Change Model Overview

The ACE Star model should be used by those nurses who are willing to successfully develop and implement a change because it provides an opportunity to transform evidence-based knowledge so that it can be used in practice. In this way, professionals are supposed to follow the next five steps:

  1. Initially, the very research study should be performed so that its topic and focuses can be easily understood.
  2. Evidence that proves the advantages of the discussed intervention should be provided.
  3. All obtained information should be summarized and rewritten in the form of guidelines.
  4. These instructions are adopted by healthcare organizations, and their personnel starts using them.
  5. Evaluation of guidelines is managed.

The necessity to use the ACE Star model can also be explained by the fact that it allows ensuring that all-important information obtained from research is used and nothing is lost during the transportation into practice.

Define the Scope of the EBP

Pressure ulcers are treated as a critical issue because their treatment is associated with numerous complications. The process of recovery is not easier; it requires much time and causes discomfort. In addition to that, the problem of pressure ulcers in patients is to be considered thoroughly because while some people come to healthcare units already experiencing them, others acquire this problem during a hospital stay.

Many researchers associate increased morbidity rates among patients with pressure ulcers, emphasizing their adverse influences. Their opinion seems to be supported by the government because it allocates a lot of money to deal with this issue. It is considered that more than 7% of those individuals who experience pressure ulcers die that is why professionals do not stop looking for more beneficial treatment alternatives than those that are already used. Millions of dollars are spent every year investigating pressure ulcers and ways to avoid them. Moreover, healthcare professionals cannot perform their duties appropriately until they need to focus on the discussed problem.


In the case of creating a group of professionals who are concerned about pressure ulcers, the different stakeholders should be considered. They should represent different departments to ensure that a wide range of thoughts is considered. Thus, it may include a nurse, a physician, and a chief nurse executive. Extension of the group is possible, but at least these three professionals are required.

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Determine Responsibility of Team Members

Professionals mentioned above should be included in the team because they provide an opportunity to develop a positive environment needed for a successful implementation of the discussed interventions. They will be in charge of both developing changes and monitoring their effectiveness.


The evidence for the paper will be gathered from those works that reveal information about the prevalence of the issue in current healthcare organizations. It describes the problematic nature of the discussed topic but considers limited research information.

Summarize the Evidence

The primary investigation and the source selected for the main resolution of the pressure ulcers presupposes the creation of a special team that gathers healthcare professionals who have enough experience in treating open wounds. It will be advantageous if this team includes not only nurses and physicians but also other staff members who perform their duties within healthcare units. It is also significant to consider the fact that this team can be developed from the employees who will be trained to perform a new range of duties, or its participants can be selected from the already trained employees who are willing to extend their responsibilities.

Develop Recommendations for Change Based on Evidence

On the basis of research, the formation of a team that will be focused on the treatment of pressure ulcers is recommended. The pilot program will focus on training because it ensures that the expected type of services will be provided. A team of professional specialists will share responsibilities for the delivery of high-quality services.


Action Plan

In order to implement the project, a range of specific steps should be followed. The pilot study should start with the development of a training program that will be used to educate others. Then, those employees who will be willing to be a part of the innovative team should be identified. These volunteers should know how to ensure expected expertise. Finally, reimbursement should be provided to ensure that these workers are not underpaid. This plan can take 5-9 months, depending on the willingness of other parties to cooperate and the possibility to achieve success as soon as possible. The outcomes will be evaluated on the basis of the statistical information that will be reported by the team members.

Process, Outcomes Evaluation, and Reporting

The desired outcomes will reveal the reduction of pressure ulcers in patients. They will be measured statistically and shared with the help of reports.

Identify Next Steps

The plan will not face critical changes when been implemented on a larger scale, and the focus on the reduced number of pressure ulcer cases will be made. Both other units and the whole facility will think of the development of these groups, which proves that the implementation will be constant.

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Disseminate Findings

The obtained findings will be communicated within the organization using the group’s reports that include related statistics and prove the benefits of the intervention. To share information externally, the same method will be used.


Pressure ulcers are a critical health condition that affects patients’ well-being adversely, increasing mortality rates. Their prevention and treatment are time-consuming and expensive, but this issue cannot be ignored because it prevents patients from receiving high-quality services. According to the change model, a group of employees should be trained to treat pressure ulcers in a more beneficial way. Considering the ACE Star change model, the implementation of the program and its assessment require the most attention, as they ensure proper functioning.

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