Joy Feeling and Its Value for People

Good events or experiences make a person feels happy and excited and fills him with the sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. The smile on the face is the evident symbol of joy. It is like a spring sunlight, soft and tender, and never dull. The personal achievements or receiving the long-awaiting physical or psychological benefit created a joyful experience. The feeling of joy is the simplest way to get motivated as it encourages person for new achievements. Joy is an intense emotion, a sense of happiness, which cannot be accurately described but only experienced.

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Joy reveals as physical sensation inside the body. However, it also affects the mental side of a person. The individual expression of the emotion may include various appearances besides the laugh or smile. For example, a person can jump, happily scream or laugh uncontrollably. All these displays involve both mental and physical aspects. Referring to the physical aspect, the happy hormones secreted by the brain produce the particular reaction inside the body, thus making the person to feel the happiness. A mental appearance of joy creates a distinct feeling that stimulates the person to continue the current action or to be engaged in different events. The sense of joy provides the confidence about the personal capabilities, strengths, and advantages.

The emotion of joy is built up in response to the internal or external exciter. Personal achievements and individual reasons make the feeling of joy intimate and reveal in the inner sense of pleasure. External exciter may provoke a strong physical reaction, for example, running, jumping or screaming. For instance, when the favorite football team wins, the full range of joyful excitement can be observed in the stadium.

The personal achievements, as one of joy sources, can also be an excellent opportunity for personal growth. The satisfaction from the education process and result develop the greater involvement in the learning progress and builds the strong connection between the feeling of joy and its effect. The emotion of joy differs depending on the individual experience, expectations, and knowledge. The student’s joy will not be equal to the farmer’s joy.

While experiencing joy, a human may compare this positive emotion with the negative one, for example, grief. Developing the reaction on this emotion, he understands what makes him happy and tries to follow this feeling. However, without knowing the feeling of sadness, joy also appears in a different way. “Without pain we cannot recognise joy as an absolute good” (Green 68). Indeed, experiencing pain is like swimming in the freezing mountain lake, when every cell of the body is permeated by the pain of icy water. Nevertheless, when a person goes out from the water under the sun, the feeling of joy fills him and brings the incredible experience. The appreciation of a warm sun lights is especially high after swimming in the cold water. The same applies to the feelings.

The feeling of joy is much stronger if comparing or contrasting it with other feelings. The person may not be able to enjoy the happiness if he does not know what is on the opposite side of the coin. The fullness of senses appears when every emotion is lived through. Thus, the joy seems to be the powerful emotion, the leverage that brings the happiness creates the stable relations and encourages to new achievements.

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