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Evaluating the Performance of a Job


To perform is a term used to refer to an act of carrying out a duty or procedure while to evaluate is a term used in reference to gauge how the duty or procedure was carried out. In essence, the performance precedes the evaluation.

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Most jobs have an evaluation at the tail end or ongoing depending on the management criteria in the work assigned. In the end evaluation, the task is first completed then an audit is carried out. On the other hand, the ongoing style focuses on evaluating the performance of a person as he/she is working on the job.

Both styles of evaluation have the same intention of getting information that can be used for improving performance. Most organizations or projects use the evaluation at the end while others use an ongoing type of evaluation. Both work out the same way but a difference is found in the overall detection of hiccups and correcting them. The ongoing assessment style detects the areas of difficulty in performance and correction instituted as soon as possible. Although it is expensive it is viewed as better compared to the final evaluation.


Tom works in a convenience store that has a busy environment. They are two attendants serving an average of 20 customers every twenty minutes. They report to work at 9 am and have a break between 1 and 2 pm interchanging so as not to close the store.

Tom and his workmate report at 9 am clean and arrange their works stations. As soon as customers start coming they have no time for each other as each attendant is busy answering customer questions, packing, getting products from the stock, and other tasks within the store. The job done by Tom and his colleague is very tasking and requires them to be quick in serving each customer. Accuracy and precision are a must for best performance. It has been noted that the two work tirelessly to achieve the store’s objective although this may not work for a long period.

Customers are known to be cynical and can cause one to use tenuous language when exhausted or mixed up in the ups and downs of the store. Loss of consumers and products due to lack of vigilance has cost the store. The store should appraise the work intensity and take measures to increase the performance of their staff. Shopping in the store can be cumbersome as it is not a self-selection outlet. Every product has to be retrieved by the attendant to give the customer who in most cases does not like what they see. The self-selection allows for choice and once satisfied, the customer just pays for the product.

The store is located in a commercial area with lots of people moving around. This makes the store to be busy and make substantial profits. It opens its doors at 9 am and closes when all customers for the day are through with their business. Availability of products and prices are the advantages the store has over its competitors. Costs of operating the store are manageable resulting in good profits. The ambiance and ventilation are spots on. Tom usually has a rough time during the job and has not found a formula to ease the amount of work he should do. The job can be evaluated as tasking and exhausting.

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Tom is a humble young man who speaks with a low tone. He has been found to perform his duties with a smile leading to customers preferring his services compared to his colleague. Tom is hands-on quick in actions and sharp in product knowledge. His interpersonal skills are the best and he uses his humor to capture the customers’ attention. His senses are good and there has been no complaint. However, Tom has a weakness of not keeping time. He comes late to work and even takes a long while on lunch break. Tom says that the job is very demanding so he tries to rest at any available opportunity. Tom has a good overall performance and is liked by the proprietor.


Evaluating the performance of a job is advised to enhance productivity in people and profitability in businesses. Evaluation is a management wing that enables the organization to institute measures that will correct or emphasize areas of operations. It is said that an organization’s value is credited to its efficiency and effectiveness in performing its core duty. To attain the set mission, an organization must continuously evaluate its performance on tasks and resources including human resources.

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