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Leadership Development in the US Army


As the world is changing, there is a growing need for leadership development strategies that reflect the transformations. Professionals in all spheres, from education to business to the military, strive to improve the effectiveness of their teams. Therefore, long-term investment into research is required for the efficient management of teams, especially in the US military. Leadership training ensures the development of essential soft skills, such as decision-making, mentoring, and teamwork on all levels. Multiple training courses exist in the US currently aimed at improving the skills of enlisted soldiers and officers. Moreover, research is conducted continuously to ensure that military training timely reflects existing changes in the world. The following essay discusses the concept of leadership development, its importance in the US army, and further research.

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Leadership Development in the Army

Leadership development is a complex and multi-level concept that requires planning and consideration of the objectives in place. The three vital pillars of effective army leadership development, in particular, are operations, the institution, and self-development (Dayton, 2021). The first pillar listed refers to the performance and strategy planning according to the role of the unit (Dayton, 2021). The second pillar is concerned with the role of individuals and groups within the structure of the Army (Dayton, 2021). The third pillar considers individual growth through training, education and experience, whether it is mental or physical (Dayton, 2021). To ensure productivity, a few components must be considered, namely challenging experiences, the readiness of the individual, and reflection.

Importance in the Army

Leadership is essential to all spheres of life to ensure a smooth flow of events and efficient teamwork. In the Army, where officers are often dealing with life and death decisions, it becomes even more important. Effective leadership must be employed to ensure that uncertainty and volatility are avoided with little cost to decision-makers. Insubordination and disrespect in the Army due to bad leadership decisions can lead to death in extreme circumstances. Furthermore, it would create problems for the already complex routines in the military, complicating what has been established. Therefore, since the stakes are higher for the military leadership, there has to be higher consideration in place. The training and development in place have to be considerate of the potential consequences of the decisions made.

Further Leadership Development

As the global society is moving forward with the development and digitalization of all data, developmental resources soar worldwide. Therefore, the availability of leadership development courses, online or otherwise, has never been as high as it currently. Whether it is civilians or military personnel seeking to develop their leadership skills, they can educate themselves easily. However, since traditional approaches are no longer as relevant today, research is required to ensure a higher benefit (Moldoveanu & Narayandas, 2019). The gap between the practices of the leaders and the theoretical strategies is large and must be decreased. Training that is currently offered to the soldiers and officers, including AOC and CGSS, is insufficient for productivity (Dayton, 2021). Therefore, organizations must offer new solutions to ensure the leadership of their officers is of the highest quality.


Overall, leadership development is crucial to the US army to ensure efficiency and effective communication within the levels. While there are many courses available to individuals already, there is still a strong need for further research. It is vital to remain current and relevant with the development tactics and strategies available to the personnel. In the army, decisions made are often life-or-death, hence it is extremely important to remain objective and prepared. By making use of the resources and subordinates, the organization can ensure the most efficient management of every situation. Leaders in the military have a large responsibility before subordinates, their families, and the country. Therefore, leadership development is even more important in such an environment than within civilians, which must be addressed.


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