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Leadership in Healthcare Overview


Professionals in the healthcare sector need to develop and apply the best leadership styles to support the delivery of personalized medical services. They should also have appropriate models for improving their competencies continuously. Practitioners who focus on emerging ideas and meet the demands of the followers and patients will improve the nature of healthcare practice. This paper gives a detailed analysis of my leadership style and how I am planning to expand it to support the delivery of ethical and sustainable medical services.

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Leadership Style

My favorite style of guiding, engaging, and empowering others is servant leadership. I always consider the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of my colleagues in the workplace. I avoid being selfish when guiding my team to achieve its goals. I focus on the best procedures and ideas that can make it easier for my colleagues to complete their roles efficiently (Xu, 2017). I identify the available resources and avail them to my followers to support the realization of the intended aims. I encourage creativity, sharing of concepts, and try to empower my followers to feel honored. Through the use of servant leadership, I have made it easier for my team to deliver high-quality medical services to more patients.


Leaders should be aware of their areas of weaknesses and address them accordingly. Currently, I have specific gaps that have the potential to affect the way I mentor, encourage, and guide others. First, I usually find it hard to manage time efficiently when guiding my colleagues. Second, I am yet to develop adequate communication and listening skills. Xu (2017) indicates that such attributes are usually associated with effective healthcare leadership. These weaknesses explain why sometimes I seek the support and guidance of my superiors to address emerging challenges. Nonetheless, I am planning to implement an effective plan to address such weaknesses and eventually become more successful in my career. Such an initiative will also be advantageous since my colleagues will become more empowered.

Improving My Skills

My current aim is to expand my competencies to become an ethical and effective healthcare leader. I have considered two plans that will take me closer to this objective. The first one is the idea of engaging in continuous learning. The adoption of this evidence-based practice will become a new opportunity to consult different publications and learn more about the nature of ethical leadership. Such a strategy will guide me to become more skilled in decision-making and problem-solving processes. The second approach is using journal entries to monitor my achievements and improvements in the areas of weaknesses identified above (Ellis & Abbott, 2013). I will participate in various leadership activities and utilize them to improve my critical thinking, time management, ethical, and problem-solving skills. I will then record my achievements in such journals and use the acquired ideas to improve my leadership style continuously.


The above discussion has revealed that my servant leadership strategy is appropriate for guiding followers in the healthcare sector. I am planning to implement the outlined plans to work on the weaknesses listed above. The identified initiatives will help to minimize such gaps and eventually help me become an ethical and effective leader who can encourage my colleagues to provide high-quality services and personalized medical care to their patients. Consequently, all my followers will become more prepared and willing to focus on their goals.


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Xu, J. (2017). Leadership theory in clinical practice. Chinese Nursing Research, 4(4), 155-157. Web.

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