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Legislator Handout: Medical Policy

It is undeniable that the United States has had the poorest medical policy when compared with other developed nations around the world. In the long run, private health insurance companies have ended up exploiting clients because of this gap that had not been taken care of by the government (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010. p. 15). As a matter of fact, poor people did not have any insurance policy. Such aspects, therefore, necessitate the need for a health reform law. In this case, this law will transform the country’s medical system.

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This law has many benefits that will be witnessed if it is well implemented. The majority of US citizens and immigrants will be covered by 2014. The law will expand the medical program to increase the accessibility of medical services to the poor. In a broad perspective, employers will be required to ensure their workers (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010. p. 19). As much as primary healthcare will be enhanced, the private insurance sector will be required to ensure individuals irrespective of their health status.

Through this law, access to healthcare services will be greatly enhanced. In the long run, the country will be in a better position to manage the ever-increasing costs of accessing healthcare services (Scott, 2010, p. 18). Those people who have already purchased health cover will also be taken care of as time goes by. This is a very big task because 31 million uninsured Americans will be taken care of through this law.

Because this law is expansive, its implementation will spread over a number of years. All these provisions are supposed to take effect from the beginning of 2014 (Scott, 2010, p. 22). Americans have a history of observing state mandates and this means that it will be hard for them to comply with the law. In this case, many states will look at the standards and conditions that the federal government will have set.

The government has offered to fund healthcare in anticipation that healthcare services will be improved. It will be good to evaluate if government funding will increase and enhance competition in the sector (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010. p. 27). As a matter of fact, the co-ops will not be consequential to the country’s insurance market. This law should therefore be enhanced to spur consolidation among providers and available plans.

People could not purchase their own insurance covers because of high risks in the sector. Therefore, the state’s high risk will improve various services that could not be accessed by different people (Sultz and Kristina, 2010, p. 16).

These reforms will provide temporary programs that will be instrumental in bridging the gap between new reforms’ effective date and enactment. This law will have a Medicare advantage and these cuts will be modified through a unique and distinct formula.

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As a matter of fact, this formula will be a state approach. In this case, the approach will be founded on a competitive bidding model. This approach is very difficult to implement and will need good strategies from health planners for sustainability. Because house reconciliation is different, all four sections will be looked at for effectiveness and efficiency (Sultz and Kristina, 2010, p. 24). States will have to accept all managed care contracts as they provide services. This will enable them to increase customer numbers.

This law is very important for the country to move forward as far as healthcare services and provision are concerned (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010. p. 28). Federal matching payments will be needed across the country and this means that it will be a more stable and predictable program. This was lacking in the country and it will be a big step in the right direction if it is properly implemented.

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