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Life Care of America: Human Resources Department

Introduction and Thesis

The life care of America is a wide care provider for the elderly, retired, patients, recovering, and even those who need an assisted living. They offer the support, education, and total commitment needed by their residents. Lifecare of America has got more than 252 residential homes for its clients in 29 different states and has employed more than 35,000 associates. It has a large capacity of employees as a result of its diversified services (Shell & Bohlander, 2009). The recruiting, new employees’ training, and issues like compensation are conducted in their human resources department. This research paper intends to explore how recruitment is done and the contributing factors. How the new employees are trained so as to deliver effectively. The different ways in which the compensation program applies and its benefits.

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Recruitment issues

Lifecare of America is the 5th largest nursing care, provider. It’s extended in other nations but it’s managed centrally. On matters relating to recruiting issues, the department of human resources is the one responsible. Their recruitment is a continuous process throughout the year. They conduct both internal and external recruitments. Some upcoming posts are replaced within the organization by the already existing and experienced employees (Shell & Bohlander, 2009). If it’s internal recruitment some memos are posted in each and every department to notify the employees. The quali9fied employees are invited to apply for the new position. Among the applicants, some are short-listed and invited for an interview. The interview is conducted depending on the level of the available position. In case it’s a top position; the candidates are interviewed by the top managers of the care center from the department of human resources. If the recruitment is external the department of human resources puts their advertisements in the media.

The use of web adverts is the commonly applied way of advertising their jobs. They use this as they employ from different countries and ethnicities. Once the applicants send their requests they are all compiled in the human resource department. The bests of the applicants are shortlisted and the interviews are conducted online. The applicants who qualify in the final interview are then advised to prepare themselves to report to their respective posts. If the qualified applicants are from other states, they are advised on the relevant documents which they should represent as they report. This is done through the internet as it is convenient (Jackson & Schuler, 2007). Recruitment in most businesses especially in international organizations is conducted by a chosen international recruiting agency. However, the one for life care of America is different as it is done by the department of human resources mostly online.

In every company, managers and the supervisory team receive some orders from the human resources department on the matters relating to the training of the new employees. This is done to equip the employees fully so that they can execute their duties and responsibilities satisfactorily. It’s the wish of every organization to have the most qualified employees who will easily contribute towards the achievement of the set goals and objectives (Jackson & Schuler, 2007). Lifecare of America is a very large organization that finds it hard to permit close interaction between the employees and the top management. This connection is only brought by the labor relations managers, specialists with the assistant of the human resources department. The training of the new employees is performed in the respective life care homes. This activity of equipping the new employees is encouraged in this big organization due to some underlying reasons; it’s an effort towards enhancing productivity, limiting regular job turnovers, and finally lead to the improvement of the overall performance in the organization.In addition through training, the life care center is said to be in a position to utilize the employee’s skills, offer certain opportunities to improve those already existing skills, the employees satisfaction in their performances and the environments around them is improved.

In this organization, most of the jobs which are performed require very limited contact with the personnel in the department of human resources (Jackson & Schuler, 2007). On the other hand, this part of the interaction between the employees and the human resources personnel is considered vital and therefore ensured in most businesses. It’s considered as one of the strong foundations towards success. In small companies, the human resources specialists handle all those matters pertaining to training. In life care centers the labor relations managers are the ones who takes control over the training issues. The new employees are trained depending on their fields and needs.

Training issues

There are some parts of the training which are offered to every new member as it is common and affects every individual. After the common course the new members are then divided into their respective fields. In each department there are some chosen officials who assist in the training; these are the personnel who fall under the labor relations managers. Life care center have empowered several people in each department who can offer an effective training. This keeps in control the cases of lacking some trainers at any given time of the stated duration. In some companies this have been observed as a major problem whereby, for a long time the company has trusted only one person to be in charge of training (Thite & Kavanagh,2008). When this person makes a decision of leaving the company, the company is left facing some crisis. After the division of the new members with regard to their fields is done, these employees are exposed to both theory and the practical trainings. This is done in different days and sessions to ensure that the employees completely understand whatever they are taught.

Training needs assessment

Whether the training is to be conducted by the labor relations managers or by the training specialists the training needs assessment is always used as a guide in this big organization. This is employed to ensure an effective and fruit bearing training to the organization at the end. Training needs assessment are the activities which the trainer must perform before the onset of the training to ensure success in his /her duties. The first thing is for the trainer to highlight the training objectives; this states clearly the areas which the trainees need to know or the duties which they can perform successfully after the training (Thite& Kavanagh, 2008).

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The skills training objectives are written through the assistance of the job standards and breakdowns. This helps the trainee to perform those tasks at the end of the training depending on the employer’s level. The knowledge training is uplifted by the policy manuals and the strategies of the company as well as the performance evaluations used in the organizations. Secondly the trainers develop the step by step plans whereby they get to know the trainees present knowledge and the skills so that they can add what is required of them. It involves a detailed plan of the critical things to be learnt step by step.

Thirdly, the trainers determine the method of training to be employed as they are addressing diversified trainees. The method of the training to be used is a major determinant of the level of understanding for the trainees. There are several methods of training which are used like seminars, lecturing, demonstrations, mentoring etc. the mostly used methods in the life care centers are the video and demonstrations due to the large quantity of the trainees (Snell, 2006). The method of the training is also chosen on the basis of the trainees’ willingness to learn, their motivational levels, and their learning styles. Then the trainers prepare the training locations mostly at their respective work stations. The trainees are made to sit down comfortably to be able to perform their tasks well.

During demonstrations the trainers stand in front of the trainees to ensure that every trainee is in the position to observe clearly. The location for training is commonly chosen with the minimal disturbances. Regarding this the life care centers meets some challenges as some of their residents are uncontrollable. Other disturbances are reduced by ensuring that the room has enough amount of light and maintenance of the right temperature. After the selection of the training location, the preparation of the training area is done. All the materials and the equipments to be used are made ready and their replacement incase of any need (Snell, 2006). The sitting styles are determined depending on the number of people to be trained. The final part of the training need assessment is rehearsing the demonstration. Much of the rehearsing makes the trainers session more effective. During this time the trainers reduces notes which are to be used and practicing on the tactics of the best delivery.

Training of employees in the life care centers has resulted to the improvement of the quality of the work done. Training has proved to be critical in this big organization due to its working environments complexities, regular organizational and technological changes, and the increased number of new jobs which demand for new type of knowledge and skills (Snell, 2006). Some companies do not insist on training the new employees, instead they assume that the new employees will learn from the other employees as they execute their duties. This has led to many companies experiencing final jobs of low qualities and not achieving their set goals and objectives.

Compensation program

Compensation issues are one of the most outstanding functions of the human resources department. Compensation can help in the maintenance of the organizations culture and values hence contributing towards the achievement of its set strategic goals. The difference between the organizations strategy and the compensations issues is an obstacle towards the success of the organization. Life care center of America is a large organization with wide rewards covering both financial and non financial compensations (Farazmand, 2006). Under the financial rewards, there are those which are direct and others indirect. Direct benefits stand for cash and indirect rewards stands for other non- cash benefits.

In life care centers, all the employees are subject to direct financial compensation which covers the basic pay payable at the end of every month. Apart from the basic pay there are incentive payments which include bonuses and commissions. In this and some other companies all the employees are subjected to bonuses at the end of every year. Commissions are earned by the employees as a percentage of the total sales done by those specific employees. Some employees are entitled to some allowances which they get after working for some extra hours as overtime and shift work. The indirect benefits under the financial compensation are insurance services, employees’ flexible working schedules allowing for some time to cater for their personal issues, employees as well enjoy some free days as holidays, and employee assistance offered in the organization (Farazmand, 2006). The compensations under the non-financial category are divided into two subdivisions such as the job and the environment. Under the division of the job, employees enjoy rewards in terms of recognition, when they work well and perform their intended duties successfully they receive recognition.

Environmentally, they receive rewards through wonderful human resources policies which tend to favor the employees, by receiving fair treatment through the course of their performance especially when encountered by challenging situations. In addition, they also enjoy the opportunities for learning new things and developing their skills, open and frequent communication as a way of encouraging them to air their grievances. The compensation programs play a great role in life care centers in several ways which include: it has helped in attracting and maintaining the different top quality employees (Snell, 2006). It’s a way of motivating the employees to continue performing to their level best so as to contribute towards the achievement of the set strategies.

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Compensation reinforces the organizations value and culture at its desired level. The employees are encouraged to continue with their admirable behaviors. Through the compensation program the organization is able to comply with the legalities of the government. Compensation program allows the employees to be accurately and appropriately rewarded on the bases of their performances.

Though it’s hard to find a system for compensating employees which is perfect life care center has tried to motivate its employees as much as possible. Some companies do not follow the compensation program even a tenth of its contents. There are employees in other companies seen working under very hostile environment. Some companies overwork the employees without giving them overtime payments, their payments are never revised, and they even receive underpayments for the duties they perform per month (Shell & Bohlander, 2009).

In conclusion, life care center has done a lot as an organization to extend as much as it has done. On issues relating to recruitments they incorporate a lot to acquire the most competent employees who can contribute in achieving the set goals. Compared to other international organizations it’s among the companies with the best recruiting system. Despite their large number of employees they make sure they empower their new employees. This enables them to get the best from their employees knowledge and skills and hence deliver the best services to their clients. Most of the companies have got weaknesses in complying with the compensation program but life care center has shown some efforts in motivating its employees. Trying to maintain that large number of employees and performing regular recruitments due to the increasing demands is a sign of healthy employee-employer relationship.


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