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Management and Leadership: A Diverse Workforce

Is prejudice declining in society and organizations?

Prejudice is on an incline in the current organizations and society because people fail to understand their rights and lack a definite procedure to channel their problems. Basic knowledge of what a leader should do is essential for a country’s economy. In organizations, individuals are facing mistreatments based on their ethnicity/race, nationality, sexuality, age, and disability.

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For instance, gender inequality exists which benefits those in power and with power to shape society. Those in power and with power commonly refer to men. Therefore, there exists rewarding of men with more prestige, higher wages, a greater authority and higher wages in the workplace. Additionally, sexuality is an individual’s act though there is the institutionalization of the same in the government and organizations.

How can organizations meet the unique needs of different groups (e.g., Work and family issues) without showing an element of prejudice?

Several ways should be put in place by organizations to solve prejudice. They should pay attention to their actions each time they want to meet the unique needs of different groups of people. For instance, in rewarding a hard-working employee, they should select people from both sexes to avoid favoritism.

The organization should also recognize the efforts put in place by an individual for the success of the firm regardless of the differentiating factors. This will enhance the better performance of the firm. Secondly, the organization has to seek information about the culture of all its employees and their background. This will enable it to understand the best way to meet their needs.

Thirdly, the organization can also involve different people who can bring different points of view to a discussion or a problem before making the final decision. Additionally, in the organization’s network, there should be the inclusion of different people with different views that will model the behavior which is open.

What opportunities are visible as a result of changes in the nation’s workforce?

Several opportunities exist due to changes in the nation’s workforce. There is the creation of many job opportunities which helps in cutting down the rate of crime in the society since many citizens who are hunting for jobs will get an opportunity to work for the nation.

The other opportunity that results from the change of the nation’s workforce is that there will be the elimination of prejudice based on sexuality in society. This is visible in cases where there is the empowerment of women to represent the counties, decentralization of power and a clear channel through which citizens voice their problems. This will further improve the nation’s economy as a result of peace, love, and unity among the citizens.

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What do people want from a leader?

A good leader should have a vision. This aids him/her to plan strategically because he/she knows where he/she is heading and what to accomplish. This will be a tool for fulfilling his/her promises to the people. The other quality is that a good leader should be courageous. This leader will be more than willing to take risks to achieve the set goals without the assurance of success.

Additionally, the leader should have integrity and humility. On the aspect of integrity, a good leader should always tell the truth to all people in all situations. This will instill trust by people in the leader. On humility, the leader should have self-confidence and self-awareness to recognize other values without threats.

Is there a difference in the leadership styles of men and women?

Men and women differ in their leadership styles. Women are more participative and democratic than men. This implies that women are autocratic. There is a dislike of a bullying boss, but people get hungrier to a bullying female boss than with a bullying male boss. Additionally, women bosses are transformational and act as role models in society. She inspires people in many ways and is attentive to individual needs. This is visible in the actions of the late Wangari Mathai.

Identify someone who is an effective leader. What are his/her traits and skills that make him/her effective?

Barrack Obama is an effective leader. He is humble, gives clear direction and non-judgmental. He faces and solves problems as they occur; he improves ruthlessly and is fiscally conservative, communicates purposefully and regularly.

Like other leaders, Obama is a strategic planner because of his ability to look ahead and anticipate where the nation is heading. He also focuses on the needs of the nation and the results on the achievements of the nation and others. He also focuses on the strengths of the nation in satisfying the needs of its citizens among others.

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