Motivating Employees

The major role of the head of sales and marketing of any company is to ensure customers are satisfied. When all the customer demands are met, and customers are fully satisfied, there is a likelihood of attracting more customers in the company hence expanding the business.

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In case the department is not performing well, it’s the duty of the head and his team to point out where the problem is, and find ways of approaching the nonperforming group to motivate them and achieve the set goals (Silverstein 83).

Dismissing the nonperforming staff may not always be the solution, as it is sometimes very expensive. Some issues can be addressed in a meeting and result in some improvements. In this case, some employees are good, others average, and others below the average.

The purpose of this memo is to highlight the overall performance of this company according to the employees productivity level.

It’s my pleasure to ensure that all my employees are empowered in achieving the company’s goals. This will involve determining how each employee would achieve his or her goals.

Through ensuring that each employee has what it requires achieving the set objectives, would make them work smoothly without going to the divergent direction (Lauby 9).

The employees at this level should be allowed to step back and direct their efforts. I would like to inform you that the management team of this company is in dire need of increased productivity.

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Secondly, I would like to assure you that I would be rewarding good and productive behaviors in this company. Setting up a motivational scheme encourages all the employees to perform best according to the set up of the company.

It’s the wish of every employee to be rewarded and recognized in the company. It’s my duty and responsibility as the vice president of sales and marketing department to come up with a program whereby each employee is given specific, manageable, and reasonable goals depending on their levels and positions.

At this level I will be concentrating on employees’ behavior and accomplishment, but not on individual qualities. At this stage, every employee would be planning on how to work hard and perform to be recognized and rewarded (Lauby 11).

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to inform you that I will be celebrating with employees as I reward achievements within the company. My department will ensure that those employees who have met or exceeded the company’s set targets are acknowledged.

At this point, the underperforming employees’ should start questioning their performances and start planning on how they can improve and be celebrated in the company. Anything hindering the good performance of the employees should be brought to my knowledge anytime from now.

I encourage ideas concerning the improvements in our productivity from all the employees as other leaders give solutions to these problems (Silverstein 113).

After discussing the challenges, and finding solutions, the results of the achievement should be posted, to show other employees that achievement is highly recognized and celebrated by the company.

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As I conclude my remarks, I would like to remind you of the status of our company. It’s my responsibility to let my employees realize that the overall company performance is flat, and improvement is expected from you.

In case of continuous underperformance of any employee, the company will have no other option other than dismissing the victim for the good fare of the whole company.

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