Marketing and Banquet Management Strategies


The JWU student’s organization is a body made up of students undertaking business-oriented courses in my school. The organization is made up of 55 students from various departments in the Faculty of hotel and lodging management. The main objective of the students is to nurture their skills in business. The organization carries out the obligation of enlightening young entrepreneurs on how to invest and where to invest. The organization advocates for the dissemination of business-related knowledge and advice, especially to upcoming investors.

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One of the greatest reasons as to why I enrolled in the organization is to nurture my skills in management as my prime career. As an undergraduate student, the JWU association is capable of providing ideas in hotel and lodging management and the required knowledge in the field.

This is because it hosts open forums and conferences for business career talks every semester. It is through these activities that students are trained to think and stretch their creative capacities when it comes to hotel and lodging management. It is for this reason that the organization holds meetings every Tuesday to discuss the success of the organization. Despite the weekly meetings that are held every Tuesday, the organization also holds one annual meeting every January to elect new leaders and set the year’s goals.

An organization like the Mc Donald’s group of restaurants is a good example of a professional organization that is important to me as far as measuring my goals is concerned. This is because the organization’s management strategies inspire me so much in nurturing my hotel management skills. Mc Donald’s management strategies are professional and internationally applied. The strategies include researching and giving reports accruing from the researches done especially by marketing management. This helps the organization discover its strengths and weaknesses and hence act on the reports accordingly for the achievement of its set goals.

The strategies also enable the organization to discover its potential customers and hence come up with the right customer retention strategies. It is also through the strategic plans of the organization that I can realize that it is important for an organization to come up with budgets that will ensure the swift running of the organization.

Field Research Interview (In Person)

Good morning Sir…..

Marketing manager

Good morning, how may I help you?

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My name is…………. from ………….. I have come to make inquiries about some marketing and banquet details from your organization that will help me in writing my term paper. I am glad to let you know that the term paper is very important to me. The term paper will be held as evidence for the partial fulfillment of my academic degree.

Marketing and banquet manager

What exactly would you like me to major in because we have a wide range of departments in this institution?


I come from the school of hotel and lodging management and would like you to assist me with information on the roles that your department undertakes to support the achievement of the goals of the organization as a whole.

Marketing and banquet manager

We must carry out the following duties which are:

  1. Initiating the carrying out of research and the provision of reports on identified opportunities in the field.
  2. Ensuring that customers get their goods or services delivered at the agreed-upon time.
  3. Management of budgets
  4. Management of the organization’s image.
  5. Ensuring the formulation of appropriate management guidelines.

Those are some of the duties in my department but our main agenda is to expand the organization’s network and promote the sale of goods and services to our customers.

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Thank you so much for the brief knowledge you have given me in your department. It will help me so much in the writing of my term paper. Thank you, Sir, for your warm reception and guidance.

Marketing and banquet manager

You are welcome again at any other time you feel you need help from our organization. I wish you success in your term paper.


Thank you…..

Lessons learned from the interview

From the interview on management strategies, I have learned that a management body has a big obligation in an organization and that an organization cannot thrive without it. It is also worth noting that a management body promotes the aspirations of all the people who operate or work under its umbrella. It embodies their dreams and aspirations but it can also be a source for dissent and frustration for certain people if not well managed.

It is beyond doubt that a profit-making organization cannot survive without customers. Customers are the lifeline by which organizations thrive. The management plays the overwhelming role of marketing the products and services hence its significance in the organization. I would like to assert that my career in management is marketable. This has however been made possible because I have been able to get vital lessons from the interview.

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