Marketing Management Analysis of FedEx Company


More and more people are earning their livelihood by working staying at home. Work-at-home manufacturing is flourishing with a miscellaneous huge of profits earning chances. Workers from back-office data entry to supervision staff are able to achieve part or all of their works at home. The telecommuting alternative is valued by employees as it permits them more independence and control over the workday and more time to spend with families.

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Whether economized, subcontracted, or sick and tired of cell hell on earth, more people are meshing their life by working at home. The work-at-home business is flourishing with various complete lot of proceeds nets chances. People of all attainment and pedagogy evaluations can fill a niche in this marketplace.

Engineering has enabled former office rats to do their work at home. Equipped with a computer, fax machine, and phone, workers from back-office data entry to administration staff can do constituent part or all of their occupation at home. The telecommuting alternative is respected by employees as it lets them more autonomy and control over the workday and more clip to pass with positions. Corporations occur that this setup often improves employee self-confidence and constructiveness.

The actuality of the “At home” business is beyond any discussion, as it has been noted above, more and more people making money at home are dependable on such services. FedEx Corporation had been chosen as it is the leader in the market of shipping, and the information on this company, including surveys and researches, is usually regarded as an example of perfect marketing and management.

“At home” industry

Net profits money via Cyberspace has gone an ever more popular option in the work at home manufacturing. Lots of online traders are working out of their positions. Cyberspace offers a wealthiness of prospects for the originator to gain life at the keyboard. People with a Cyberspace-grounded profession often originate on a constituent part-clip base while running their regular office performance. Once “web business” takes off, they break slack the workplace munch for full-clip work at residence.

Another alternative in work-at-home manufacturing is a home-grounded concern where you travel out in the field to supply services for shoppers. This is a wide-open possibility – judge of any ware or service that people require and, viola, you have an apprehension. The older population is discharging. Start an elder overhaul that helps seniors with light housework, cleaning, and carrying system. Two vocation positions and busy folk in universal equal and apprehension for you operational jobs such as shopping, looking after children, and takings up dry cleaning.

People may collide on their own with these home-grounded commerce corporations or purchase permission. Franchises offering a marquee name people cognize and trust along with selling support from the central offices. Start-up costs can be out of range for a whole lot of people, however, there are centers of franchise options in the work-at-home industry that will tantrum with small budgets.

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Cyberspace and black and white and broadcast media are full of advertisings for great-sounding work at home opportunities. Sadly, the work at home industry is full of cozenage companies that publicize high-income home-based occupations. Some advertisements are specific while others are vague and maintain you in the dark about the exact nature of the pie in the sky venture.

Recollect, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research before you immerse yourself into any work at home opportunity. Talking with others who work at home. Cheque out franchises or Cyberspace opportunities with the Wagerer Business organization Authority. Despite the cozenage people, there are ms of options in the work-at-home industry and one of them will accommodate you.

It is necessary to underline, that at home industry can not do without services of delivery. FedEx is the brightest example of rapid, and reliable delivery service. FedEx Home Delivery service links everyone to every uptown address in the U.S. What makes the service particular is its residential-only delivery system and the elasticity to modify delivery to suit your addressee by choosing from three quality service advances.

FedEx History

FedEx is a shipping company headquartered in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, a neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Formerly a small local package shipping corporation called Roadway Package System (RPS), it was originated to be a price reduction challenger to UPS. After taking the lead for the first time on March 11, 1985, the corporation grew in size and reputation all through the Mid-Atlantic USA, so much so that it happened to be the largest supplementary of its parent corporation, Akron-based Roadway Services. By 1996, RPS had achieved 100% coverage of the US and all of North America. In addition, RPS became part of a new investment corporation called Caliber System, Inc.

In 1997, Fred Smith, founder of FedEx, contacted Dan Sullivan, creator of RPS about merging the two companies. In 2000, Caliber System, Inc., which has since sold most of its advantages to various firms, allowed FedEx to acquire its discount package division scheme, which was afterward renamed FedEx Ground.

FedEx now offers 1-5 day deliverance of small packages to all 50 states, including Canada and Puerto Rico. The supplementary also offers a subject service known as FedEx Home Delivery. The only service of its kind devoted to inhabited purchasers, FedEx Home Delivery serves virtually 100 percent of the U.S. inhabitants.

FedEx acquired the parcel strengthener Parcel Direct in September 2004 from Quad Graphics. This FedEx ground supplementary aim was re-branded as FedEx SmartPost in October 2004. FedEx SmartPost provides the consignment of high quantity, low-weight encloses to suburban destinations, by outsourcing the “last mile” to the US Postal Service. FedEx SmartPost combines all parcels from the transporter, then sorts, ships and tracks the parcels through their standard system and net until the package gets to the US Post Office closest to the beneficiary. It is then transported to the final purpose by the USPS.

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FedEx’s large volume of consignments allows them to employ postal bulk concessions, and abolish the costs of having their own trucks trek across less lucrative housing courses. The ensuing service is one that is less pricey than FedEx Ground, but more costly than regular mail, and seemingly faster and safer since it allows the use of FedEx tracking.

Corporate structure

FedEx Corporation – “FedEx “, introduced express delivery to the world in 1973, and remains the world’s largest express transportation company.

Today, over 275,000 employees worldwide serve more than 235 countries and territories across the globe with a fleet of 669 aircraft, more than 75,000 vehicles to deliver more than 6.5 million packages per day.

FedEx Express, a wholly-owned company of FedEx, is divided into five global regions:

  • Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Canada
  • Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa (EMEA)
  • Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC)
  • United States

The EMEA region is divided geographically into four operational areas:

  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • The Middle East, Indian Sub-Continent, and Africa
  • Northern Europe
  • Southern Europe

FedEx EMEA, responsible for activities in 123 out of the more than 235 countries and territories served by FedEx.

Corporate culture

The core notion that administers every action at FedEx is People-Service-Profit (PSP): Take care of their people; they in turn will distribute faultless service required by the customers, who will recompense us with the abundance requirement to save the future. P – S – P: These three words may be regarded as the very grounding of Federal Express activity.

The P – S – P Philosophy is like a constant following. There are no clearly characterizable positions of entry or exit. Each link supports the others and is in turn maintained by them. The people link is sustained by profit, which is maintained by service, which is supported by people.

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FedEx is devoted to the standard that our people are our most important asset – an idea that encouraged and painstaking people to provide compulsory qualified service to guarantee incomes and sustained enlargement.

Our most important company objective is to provide a totally reliable service to our customers. Our customers’ satisfaction is the key to our success. At FedEx management tries to remain this thought in mind: Do not guarantee more than the company is able to deliver, but forever strive to transport more than company promises.

Any commerce exists only as long as it makes a sufficient return on its investors’ ventures. FedEx is no exemption to this iron law of finances. The constant capability to supply the profit that guarantees our achievements and our employees’ opportunity stays one of the highest main concerns.

The company’s firm commitment to P – S – P viewpoint has helped FedEx expand prominent acknowledgment: Asia Business Magazine’s 1998 survey graded FedEx The Most Admired Company in its Shipping and Transport sector and the Review 200 of Asia’s leading non-Asian companies by the Far Eastern Economic Review ranked FedEx highest in its industry sector at 34 overall. Corporation’s recognition that quality is critical in all that we do is confirmed by the worldwide registration of ISO 9001 documentation.

An integral part of any huge company, including FedEx, is the offering of equal occasions for everyone. All Considerations that affect selection are made without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship, disability, or age.

Selection for positions under this policy is based on job requirements reflecting those qualifications as outlined in APAC job descriptions.

Critics of FedEx Corporation

Questions continue to dog the U.S. Postal Service’s proposed alliance with FedEx Corp.

First, House Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde, R-Ill., suggested that the coalition lifts a sequence of antitrust anxieties. Now, two status associates of the House Government Reform Committee – and subsidizes of H.R. 22, the Postal Modernization Act – have made similar charges.

Reps. Dan Burton, R-Ind., and John McHugh, R-N.Y., wrote Lawyer General Janet Reno Oct. 3 to propose that the Postal Service’s protection from antitrust laws “offers complex issues in the background of its proposed strategic alliance with FedEx – a private corporation that is fully subject to antitrust regulation.” Burton chairs the Government Reform Committee; McHugh chairs the subcommittee on the Postal Service.

Administrators from the Postal Service and FedEx affirmed that they were regarding a deliberate alliance. Details are still hazy, but it is likely that the association would give the Postal Service access to FedEx’s shipping capabilities. The company would carry precedence and Express Mail on its planes and vehicles. In replace, the Postal Service would likely deliver FedEx packs to confidential destinations. And, in all probability, postal workers would pick up parcels that clients are returning to Internet sellers.

Tad Segal, a spokesman for UPS, said the alliance should be inspected as it happens that the Postal Service is forming a restricted alliance with a private-sector contestant.

“We have difficulty with a management agency… attaining out to favor one personal sector business over another,” he said. “That should be accessible to anyone. Not just FedEx. Not just us, but to Emery or DHL or anyone.”

Azeezaly Jaffer, vice president for public affairs at the Postal Service, opposed, “There is no individuality here. There is an open place at the table.” He added that UPS or any other shipper is a salutation to talk with the Postal Service about a planned coalition.

McHugh and Burton did not ask Reno to launch an investigation.

“Should you choose to investigate antitrust and anti-competitive issues involving the offered corporations, it would suggest that you also take the opportunity to examine the structure of the entire domestic postal and delivery sector, which would include both public and private entities,” the representatives noted.

Survey on Entrepreneurship

FedEx has released its results from a survey it conducted about entrepreneurial intentions. It has some charming findings.

The survey included 1,000 Americans over the age of 18. Here are some of their judgments:

  • 56% of Americans daydream of beginning their own business (E.M. Couple this with 40% of college students who participated in another study that owning their own business is a major goal for attending school and we see an industrial revolution at hand).
  • 10% of Americans already own their own business (E.M. Think of all the special interest groups influencing our public policy with much smaller numbers than this).
  • 33% of Americans neither dream nor already own their own business (E.M. That seems to equate to about the total number of government employees nationally if I’m not mistaken).
  • 76% of African Americans dream of starting their own business (E.M. What a voting block this could become if we help make this dream a reality!!).
  • Business owners are more likely to live in the South or the West (E.M. Just look at the voting patterns).

Theoretical background

According to various surveys and researches, the principles of the theory of management used by FedEx company are the following:

  • Managing Customers
  • How to Evaluate Market Research Reports
  • Marketing Planning and Strategy
  • Setting Price
  • Pricing Decisions
  • Distribution Decisions
  • Managing Products
  • Product Decisions
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Method Patents
  • How to Write a Marketing Plan
  • Preparing a Market Study

Some of them need to be regarded closer. Thus, the Product decision principle is represented at the highest level at the company, as the product is services, and to stay leader, the company needs to maintain the services at a considerable level. Product Marketing in FedEx company starts with the product since it is what an association has to present to its target market. As it is usually stressed, companies strive to provide explanations to a target market’s difficulties. These resolutions comprise insubstantial product offerings marketed by the company.

In addition to satisfying the target market’s needs, the product is important because it is how organizations generate revenue. It is the “thing” that for-profit companies sell in order to realize profits and satisfy stakeholders and what non-profit organizations use to generate funds needed to sustain themselves. Without a well-developed product strategy that includes input from the target market, a marketing organization will not have long-term success.

Pricing decision

What do the following words have in common? Fare, dues, tuition, interest, rent, and fee. The reply is that each of these is a term used to explain what one should pay to obtain profits from another party o a bargain or contract. More generally, most people just use the word price to indicate what it costs to acquire a product.

The pricing decision is a significant one for most marketers, yet the quantity of concentration given to this key area is often much less than is given to other advertising conclusions. One motivation for the lack of notice is that many suppose price locating is an involuntary process requiring the seller to utilize fiscal tools, such as worksheets, to create their case for locating price levels. While monetary instruments are extensively used to assist in defining price, vendors need to take into account lots of other issues when setting the price for which the product will be selling.

Managing customers

It has been noted that dealers make decisions that result in value to both the marketer and its customers. Throughout the Principles of Marketing Tutorials, it is emphasized, that the importance of clients act in helping marketers meet their business objectives is rather high. It is strongly believed that for most companies realizing customers’ requirements and wishes is necessary not only because of their result on marketing conclusions but mainly because customers’ activities influence the entire corporation.

Yet, the understanding customer is a never-ending challenge. One reason is that not all clients are the same and, therefore, advantages required by one client may differ from those required by another. As of this marketers must continually conduct marketing research to evaluate customers and to determine what they want. And uncovering what clients want is made appreciably easier if companionship institutes processes are created to manage their consumers.


What’s more, it chose to assume an identity appraisal while at the front position of its manufacturing, acting from a position of strength. As early as 1988, FedEx management discussed overhauling its original identity system created by Richard Runyan in 1973.

Indeed, a lot has changed. Employees use their cars and a small fleet of rented vans to pick up and drop off encloses. countrywide door-to-door overnight delivery was regarded so essential, cynics thrived. Xerox Corporation even examined the system by shipping empty boxes for two weeks before commending FedEx with real documents. Today FedEx functions in more than 200 countries, having a fleet of 458 aircraft (making it the nation’s third-largest airline) and 45,000 vehicles to transport a standard of two million parcels each day at their disposal.

Given this growth, Federal Express asked itself whether the “big and bold but friendly and accessible” image it wanted to convey was getting across. That question also entered the mind of Landor Associates, a worldwide brand and identity design consultancy, as it considered changes occurring in the air freight industry.

In 1990, Landor presented this case to Federal Express management. Although it created a favorable impression, the timing wasn’t right for FedEx. With millions of logo applications on vehicles, aircraft, storefronts, uniforms, drop boxes, packaging, collateral material, stationery, and business forms involved, “the need hadn’t yet reached a critical mass,” recalls Gayle Christensen, FedEx managing director of corporate marketing. “That happened only when it was clear that our image no longer looked fresh and our logo no longer worked in all the different ways it had to be applied.”

In late 1992, Federal Express invited Landor back. “We were asked to take a good hard look at the company and its markets, assess Federal Express’s position, and make any needed adjustments,” says Lindon Leader, senior design director at Landor. Over the next year, Landor’s research unit conducted some 40 focus groups with employees and customers and interviewed industry leaders in 12 markets around the world. It also compared Federal Express’s existing identity with the identities of a range of technology-smart companies known for innovation and marketing savvy.


With 30,000 FedEx drop boxes across the country, any savings can be significant. To avoid the expense of repainting boxes in every location, Landor designed a decal system with increased legibility to retrofit over the old logo portion of existing decals. New boxes will look completely different, taking advantage of the larger horizontal logo. “Ultimately we aren’t just looking for expedient solutions to a client’s image problem,” explains Leader. “We’re looking at how our design affects its bottom line.”

Watching out for the bottom line was what turned the launch schedule topsy-turvy, however. Original plans called for a phased-in changeover of all identity components. But after approving the overall identity system in February 1994, FedEx management asked that Landor design the applications of all components and have them ready to launch in just four months.

“What was driving FedEx management to get the identity up and running that fast was the need to capture opportunities and save costs,” explains Leader. A large number of new trucks and aircraft were about to be delivered and planes newly purchased from Lufthansa had to be re-identified. “Having those aircraft circling the world with the old logo for the five years it would take before their scheduled repainting made no sense.” The intensity of the marketplace was another motivating factor. New marketing initiatives and technologies like FedEx Ship (a proprietary software used by customers to track or ship their own packages) were close to introduction, and management wanted them all to carry the new look.


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