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Mailroom Clerk Job Description and Total Compensation

Job Summary

An indoors job focused on the sorting and delivery of mail that comes in and out of the organization. Mailroom clerk has to work with a variety of kinds of mail. Since this is a large long-term organization, mailroom clerks have to process large amounts of mail. Sometimes, this job involves the operation of specialized sporting equipment. The major set of a mailroom clerk’s responsibilities includes such tasks as sorting main, managing its delivery, making sure that the delivering arrive in the right locations and facilities, and keeping records of the mail that goes in and out of this organization.

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Job Requirements

A high-school diploma is the main necessary education requirement. Moreover, the candidates for the position of mailroom clerk will have to pass a written exam and demonstrate excellent written communication skills. In addition, a successful candidate will need the following skills:

  • Fast memorization
  • Effective time-management
  • The ability to read and process information quickly
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • The ability to lift heavy weights (up to 50 pounds)
  • The ability to work at a high pace
  • Accuracy
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Attention to detail

Additionally, the qualifications and certificates proving that the candidate can operate sorting and lifting equipment will be a significant benefit.

Job Functions

  • Sorts and organizes mail in large quantities and of various sizes
  • Distributes mail to diverse departments and directs it to recipients
  • Keeps records of incoming and outgoing mail
  • Performs tasks including data entry and data storage
  • Receives mail
  • Manages mail delivery locations
  • Loads mail on delivery equipment
  • Maintains inventory records
  • Manages and fills shipping forms
  • Manages mailroom supplies and replenishes them when necessary

Other Information

Standard 9 am to 5 pm working hours are required for this position. Candidates who do not have the skills of working with specialized sorting and lifting equipment will be trained appropriately. Job safety training will be provided as well. In addition, the job does not involve any long-distance travel and is mainly performed indoors. Working conditions include working with heavy loads of mail, lifting large boxes, operating delivery carts, and working nearby the equipment that produces loud noises. Workplace relationships are permitted but have to be reported to the HR department representatives in the form of official statements.

Pay Scale and Compensation Plans

The appropriate pay scale for the mailroom clerk needs to be based on the salary rates of various levels – national, regional, and local. At the national level, the median annual salary in this position is $30.817 (“Mail clerk salaries,” 2018). At the regional level, in the state of California, a pay scale between $11 and $12 per hour is average. However, at the local level, in San Diego, the hourly wage of a mailroom clerk is as high as $13.73 (“Mailroom Clerk Salaries in San Diego, CA,” 2018). Consequently, to offer a competitive salary, the local standard needs to be used as the definitive pay grade framework.

In terms of direct compensation, the organization has to offer about $13 per hour to its job candidates in order to attract the best talent. Since the job description for this position includes several occupational hazards such as heavy weight lifting and noise pollution the offered indirect compensation needs to include benefits for these hardships and insurance for the cases of work-related injuries. This has to be part of their overall health insurance scheme. The permitted length of unpaid vacation needs to align with the state legislation minimum of 12 weeks. As for the paid leave – the organization will have to align this aspect with their lifecycle. Finally, the indirect compensation plan is to includes the retirement plan options.


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