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Marketing Segmentation and Positioning Report


Marketing communication strategies within various companies are generally regarded as the key of marketing success and communication with the target audience. The project proposal is aimed at analyzing the two companies with various specifications and approaches towards marketing positioning, nevertheless, they use similar principles of marketing communication.

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The selected organization will be Pepsi and Nintendo. These are two giants in their activity spheres which are originally positioned as the corporations which orient the youth target audience, and use similar marketing communication techniques and principles for positioning and targeting their goods. The project should be aimed at researching the differences of the companies’ profiles and origins with the comparison of the marketing communication strategies.

The fact is that, the origins of the production and services are from different (however, indirectly related) spheres: entertainment and soft drinks. The aim of the marketing communication strategies is to target the youth audience and keep the leading positions on the market, among powerful competitors. The project should also focus on the evolution and constant development of communication practices, as while Nintendo always targeted youth, Pepsi made an emphasis on the adult population, and then changed its orientation.

The challenges which companies face are generally associated with the modification and evolution of the interests of the target audience, as different generations have different authorities and heroes. Thus, if the generation of 1980s and 1990s was fond of Robocop, Spider Man, Batman and other super heroes, the generation of the 2000s have Men in Black, Luke Skywalker and other characters as the examples of power, might, wisdom and coolness. Thus, Nintendo had to take these facts into consideration, and make the corresponding modifications of the services, which they offer. As for Pepsi, this company had to overcome the similar issue: the generation of 1980s considered a rock man as an embodiment of the coolness, while the generation of 2000s is fond of pop music and appreciate rap singers. Thus, the main character of commercial videos had to be changed. Another point is related to the allover tendency towards fitness and health. Thus, following the pandemic of slim diets, Pepsi had to represent the new brand – sugar free drinks. This rebranding can also be regarded as a part of marketing communication strategy.

As for the understanding of marketing principles, Pepsi seems to understand them better, as in spite of the mentioned similarities, the most essential difference plays an important role on the market. This difference is the integration of marketing communication strategy with the other strategies and principles of market activity. The mentioned rebranding may be regarded as the brightest example of such integration.

In order to illustrate the course principles it will be necessary to compare the strategies of both corporations with their own strategies at least 15 years ago. The changes will be obvious, especially taking into consideration the fact that the economic circumstances will appear to be different.


Finally, it should be stated that the proposal is generally aimed at estimating the marketing communication strategies and principles of the two corporations, which are originally different in their profile and origin of the goods and services.

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