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Marketing Strategy and System


A marketing system is brought about by the interaction of people (Kotter, 1980). A marketing system can have adverse effects on people (Armstrong, 1987). Marketing has improved customer satisfaction, quality of life, and the consumption of goods in several countries (Steward, 1973). In order to reduce the adverse effects of marketing, it is necessary for retailers to add value to goods and services.

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Approaches used by retailers to add value to marketing

There are several approaches that retailers may use to add value to a marketing system. The approaches may be used by Adam Jones.


This is the tendency to create new procedures, products, equipment, and machinery to be applied in the marketing process. Innovative activities enhance customer satisfaction and increase greater market opportunities.

Prioritize the customer’s

Customers should be given priority in the innovation process. Retailers should establish good relations with customers in order to help in describing and identifying goods and services that are appealing to them. Goods that are appealing have a high demand and should be adequately supplied.


It is the act of integrating quantity, quality, and pricing into the marketing process. Effective coordination adds value to marketing because customers will get value for what they have paid. Coordination enhances open market distribution, marketing contracts, and retail owned businesses.


Effective short and long-term planning of time, effort, and expenses are added values for retailers. When retailers have an effective allocation of these resources, the value of the marketing system will be high because customer satisfaction shall be realized, and their living standards shall be enhanced. Planning ensures that the right personnel is recruited to manage the marketing system.


Effective and efficient innovation, customer focus, coordination, and planning should be performed in adding value to a retail marketing system.

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