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Mayo Clinic Website’s Effectiveness Analysis

Mayo Clinic Website

Mayo Clinic is one of the world-class clinics in the health sector with various departments that help intervene in various health conditions. The healthcare facility boasts highly qualified healthcare practitioners who have enabled them to acquire a good global reputation in the healthcare domain. Their main objective is to ensure satisfactory healthcare services to their clients (Mayo Clinic, 2018). Mayo Clinic has also been praised for its great interactions with its clients before, during, and after treatment, enabling them to capture the trust of all its patients and customers. One of how the Mayo clinic has ensured great interactions with other individuals globally is the adoption of an effective website that lets anyone glimpse how the hospital operates.

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The administration of Mayo healthcare Institutions has ensured the allocation of adequate resources towards acquiring a high-quality website that is fit for their activities. According to Acosta-Vargas et al. (2021), a website is a significant element of a healthcare organization because it can provide patients with important information regarding their health issues. The website of Mayo Clinic is fully functional and is run by the administrators of different departments within the institution (Mayo Clinic, 2018). The website serves as an online branch for the institution since all the visitors can get all the help they could have received physically within the online platform. Embracing the online platforms has enabled most institutions to acquire a larger market base due to the ease of acquiring various services online at a lower price. The website plays a major role for Mayo clinic in that it reduces the number of physical visitors to the healthcare facilities, which provides a suitable environment for the provision of healthcare services.

The website is run by highly qualified individuals in the information technology field, which has been a major factor in its efficiency. One of the main aims of the online platform by Mayo Clinic is to offer simple, affordable, and effective home remedies. Their website is the main platform that makes the process to be effective due to its highly productive qualities. One of the main qualities that make the website effective is because of its user-friendly nature. The website is designed in a way that any person can visit the platform from any part of the world and be able to use it without any orientation. All the steps are very straightforward to avoid unnecessary confusion for the end users of the platform.

Website sources

Mayo Clinic website sources are from highly reputable scholars and medical practitioners who work together to provide high-quality services to their clients. All the contents in the website clinic are well researched and tested before being posted on the online platforms to avoid giving out wrong information regarding a given health topic. Most health websites around the world give out misleading concepts, which has negatively impacted by endangering the lives of many individuals. The Mayo Clinic has also ensured to attach the research outcomes of various healthcare professionals to act as a reference point for their clients and develop trust for their sources. Some other sources are from their internally researched and verified medical procedures that have been used to offer healthcare intervention.

Website Authority

The Mayo Clinic website is one of the highly reputable healthcare websites around the world. The website receives a high number of online visitors because of their eff give service delivery processes. It is highly ranked because of its unbiased service delivery at an affordable price and the good interpersonal relationships they have with its patients within the online platform. Other healthcare websites have also entrusted them by referring some of their clients to them to help in curing various conditions because of their significant productivity within the healthcare domain. Most search engines used the online platforms have also ranked the Mayo clinic healthcare website because of its authenticity and have verified most of their activities to ensure that the website functions effectively.


Most healthcare institutions operate with the aim of making valid profits from their services. The Mayo healthcare clinic is a non-profit organization that is only on achieving various goals in the healthcare sector, such as providing affordable healthcare to every individual through physical and online appointments. The funding of the healthcare institution is mostly from donations from well-wishers and other individuals or entities who collaborate with them towards achieving a common objective. The resources used in running the website are from the administrators of the institution. Other doctors working for Mayo clinic also sponsor various initiatives that are done within their online platforms, such as their official website. Educational institutions also play a major role in funding the most educative information posted on the institution’s website.

Validity and Quality

The Mayo clinic healthcare website has been reviewed as one of the best online clinics by different individuals in the healthcare domain. Most individuals who have received help through the clinic have also applauded the quality of the services being offered through the website. The World Health Organization has also ranked the website as a very reputable online healthcare platform which offers high-quality healthcare services. All the healthcare advice and journals being posted on the website are from experts who are established in the healthcare domain. The quality of the website is very satisfactory since most individuals are able to easily visit and operate to receive quality healthcare regardless of an individual’s location. The website also has the capacity to convert most of its visitors into long-term clients.

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Privacy and disturbance

The platform has put in place an effective approach that ensures the privacy of its clients and stakeholders. They have implemented an end-to-end user encryption approach which has enabled them to ensure high levels of patient care (Lanier & Gerber, 2017). End-to-end user encryption enables the administrator to be unable to share the patient’s privacy with a third party. The website has also put in place a mechanism that prevents disturbance, such as pop-up notifications. They have also avoided the use of advertisements within their platform, which is a major form of disturbance within most online domains since it is part of a non-profit entity. Another major important aspect of the website that has been used to avoid disturbance is the use of appropriate color themes which are not harmful to the end user.


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