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Media Usage as a Mode of Learning

In the recent past, the use of electronic media has increased in our schools. This can be attributed to globalization and emergence of information technology in the 21st century. Because of many challenges related to the use of media and information technology, I will discuss use of media as a mode of learning and recommend ways of ensuring that the media is used appropriately to promote education.

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The ideas of Castelar school for including electronic and new media for learning purposes is it good idea?

It is evident that the society is moving from traditional lifestyle in all aspects including the education sector. Today, schoolchildren are using the media for learning as the use of technology has increased over the years. As such, it is important for schools to use technology wisely to meet educational needs. It is a great idea for Castelar elementary School to adapt electronic and new media for learning because it has many benefits.

The merits include enhancement of visual spatial skills, encouraging creativity, boosting independent thinking, promoting collaboration between students and teachers, connecting students with subjects and reality, and improving problem-solving skills (Schimidt and Vanderwater, 2008).

By using electronic media, students get opportunities to learn and develop solutions independently. Students who use media such as video games learn how to solve complex problems by themselves. They are able to experience methods that can be used in solving problems in an enjoyable way (Miller, 2011).

Use of electronic and media in schools promotes critical and creative skills. It helps students to develop creative ways of tackling issues at school and out of school. For this reason, the school is able to produce individuals who can handle challenges in many areas. Increased creativity promotes research skills (Hillis, 2011). With access to the internet, students can engage in activities of their own interest, do more research, and develop new ideas.

Use of electronic and media enables students and teachers to work together making learning to be fun and productive. As opposed to the traditional method of learning, this method is student centered and needs of individual students are met. Based on benefits associated with electronic media, I recommend Castelar elementary School to adapt the electronic and media as a mode of learning.

What’s your opinion from Mr. Jeremy Blaze bringing Rock Band game as media of learning?

Introduction of Rock Band game as a media of learning in the music class was a good idea because electronic media enhances learning. Notably, video gaming is able to improve visual attention, quick attention deployment, and fast processing of ideas (Miller, 2011). Students who use video gaming improve their learning skills (Miller, 2011). Playing Rock Band can help improve playing musical instruments because students are able to experience and practice what they are taught in class. Students are also able to practice playing the musical instruments at home without the teacher’s assistant.

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If video gaming is used appropriately, it has the ability to help individuals develop concentration skills (Miller, 2011). Students who are exposed to video gaming are able to locate objects in complex problems (Miller, 2011). Individuals are able to discover things that are hidden in situations that need a quick decision or solution. Other than enabling students to solve problems, video gaming enables students to develop high levels of creativity.

However, the use of video gaming and other electronic in learning has some negative impacts if not used appropriately. Some of the disadvantages include distraction of users from other things. Students who use video gaming, internet, or watch television for long can easily be distracted from their studies (Schimidt and Vanderwater, 2008).

Nowadays we can’t avoid that new media and electronic media comes in all over area included education. Do Castelar elementary school change their ideas for using technology in class and come back to the old traditional style of school?

The emergence of information technology (ICT) has both positive and negative effects in all sectors including the education sector (Lanier, 2010). As a result, the media has affected the curriculum design and implementation. Because globalization has increased, we should not ignore application of electronic media in school. The modern information technology should be incorporated in the education curriculum to facilitate social change.

As opposed to the old tradition style of learning, Castelar elementary school should implement the use of media and electronic media as a way of promoting technology use. As predicted by Thomas Edison, a researcher, technology should replace the tradition way of learning to enhance effective learning (Hillis, 2002). This is because the use of information technology has the potential of transforming learning and teaching in our schools.

Castelar elementary school should use the new technology, which promotes curriculum development. Broadly, the use of information technology can be associated with improved communication, reduced constraints, organized learning, mental stimulus to learners, effective instructions, and improved perception and representation of learning (Hillis, 2002). As such, all education institution should embrace the use of information technology.

What school board, parents and students must do so the electronic media and new media used wisely for education purpose?

Increasingly, the electronic media has been accepted in education institutions and therefore there is need to put emphasis on its application (Pandey, 2005). To ensure that the use of electronic media is used appropriately in promoting education, the schools board, parents, and students must play their roles accordingly. One of the major challenges associated with implementation of the electronic media as a mode of learning is application.

The school management board should oversee that programs being implemented are relevant for curriculum development. They should monitor what is being taught to make certain that educators are teaching relevant content and media being used aligns with education goals (Schimidt and Vanderwater, 2008). The management should also organize for media related training courses. This will help teachers to cope with learners and hence promote appropriate use of media for learning.

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Parent should ensure that their children are using the media appropriately. Repeatedly, they should monitor children’s electronic use to ensure programs like video games are used for education purposes (Schimidt and Vanderwater, 2008). Parents should always make certain that the media being used by the children is age appropriate and relevant for education. At home, parents should design a time-schedule for their children to allocate enough time for homework and playing games.

This will ensure that children do not use all the time in media, either playing game or watching television. Parents should adapt the internet filtering software (Schimidt and Vanderwater, 2008). This will help in limiting what children are accessing over the internet. Lastly, parents should promote the idea of watching television together with their children (co-viewing) to ensure the appropriate content is being accessed (Schimidt and Vanderwater, 2008).

On the other hand, learners should be disciplined and responsible. They should adhere to instructions and stick to the set rules. In case parents or teachers emphasize on issue of time, the children should not exceed the recommended time. For internet, they should only access sites that have been recommended to them.

In summary, the electronic media has the potential of improving learning in schools. If applied appropriately, IT can improve learning skills (Pandey, 2005). In order to make sure that the electronic media and other related applications are used wisely, parents and teachers should monitor children’s electronic use to promote education.

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