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“Metacognitive Reading” by Meyer et al.

Some may feel that topics of the LGBTQ community are often neglected when it comes to spreading awareness in the educational facilities. However, scholars presented an article describing findings on teachers’ attitudes and experience with LGBTQ topics in elementary schools, where most instructors are open to such initiatives; thus, they face multiple barriers. My interest in how academic facilities feel about speaking out on such issues made me stumble across this article. It provides a comprehensive view of educators’ perception of why talking about sexuality with younger children may be a problem.

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Being an enthusiastic reader, I immensely enjoyed looking over some personal attitudes of teachers and statistical data collected from surveys. The article greatly encouraged educators of smaller children to take more initiative in educating them on LGBTQ topics, giving recommendations on methods of doing so, with which I agree. The concepts should not be too complicated, but a general knowledge of such issues is vital, and I wish they were incorporated in my learning during that age.

Even though the article is extremely comprehensive and easy-to-read overall, some parts with many statistical indicators in a row made it a bit hard for me to comprehend the text. I had to re-read some of the passages to get a full idea of a message. Nevertheless, these parts could not be omitted as they contributed to further reading, being evidence of the article’s arguments.

This writing piece can majorly contribute to educators’ further attitudes towards awareness spreading of the LGBTQ community; that is why it interested me so much. Moreover, it is engaging and provides feasible methods for classrooms. It amazed me from the first paragraphs, where it stated that only a small percentage of kindergarten teachers feel comfortable discussing LGBTQ issues in the school. Living in an integrated world, I thought that children are now informed of such topics from the early years, and the situation is becoming better every year. From my experience, kids were barely informed of the LGBTQ community and their normalization.

In conclusion, this article must be spread to educational institutions, emphasizing the need for scholars, especially teaching younger children, to normalize the LGBTQ community’s topics in the classrooms. There would be no need for the school principals to think of integrational ways, as there are multiple suggestions in the article. Overall, the report is an excellent piece of reading for every person who has connections to the educational system.

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