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Movie Review: “Rebel Without a Cause”

“Rebel Without a Cause” is one of the most thrilling movies that I have watched so far, and I want to provide a review. The American drama film focuses on middle-class teenagers and the emotional challenges that they face. The film title implies a person who has no clear goal but struggles to achieve something. The movie focuses on unexplored critical emotions among individuals who may want to express their feeling but fail to do so.

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The movie took place in the year 1955 in the United States, with Santa Monica High School located in Santa Monica, California, as the film location. The main characters in the film are Jim stark, Ms. Carol Stark, and Buzz Gunderson. The movie is about the struggles between children and parents, the problems teenagers undergo, and daily struggles in human life (Scheibel 126). The main character in the film who influenced many teenagers was Jim stark. Teenagers are looking for love and guidance from their parents, but the main characters in the movie get disappointed with their parents.

James Dean, the American actor who is remembered as the teenager icon, features as a major character in the film. He was born on 8 February 1931 in Marion, Indiana, the U.S. In the film, James Dean is my favorite actor who portrays a self-reliant teenager, and he is not rebellious. However, Jim Starks’ mother in the film failed to impress me in their respective roles. James having a good father, wanted to do right but never had the support of his mother since she undermined the father.

The unpleasing scene that I did not like is the sexual theme, for instance, when a sixteen-year-old daughter kisses her father on the lips. Judy tries to peck her father on the cheek when having dinner and is asked whether she has an issue, then reminded about getting old for such actions. She is further told that girls her age do not do those kinds of things, and the father tends to be afraid of his daughter’s sexual feelings. Judy then responds by asking when are girls not allowed to love their fathers’. Judy’s father did not find it appropriate for his daughter to kiss him.

This is a great movie and probably one of my favorites of all time and the best to recommend for teenagers to watch and learn from it. Some movie scenes are heartbreaking, but it teaches many lessons and has positive messages (Scheibel 127). The movie explores themes of poor parenting and the results of raising kids without close attention to their development. Watching the film would be a good starting point for any teenager struggling with a negative mindset about life. A movie is a useful tool for parents and guardians seeking to transform their teenagers’ lives.

This film is highly recommended for teenagers since it portrays adolescent problems, such as depression, friends, and moral values that young people experience as they grow. The film will help parents to know the importance of good parenting and teenagers to know the kind of relationship they need to have with their parents. The film is suitable for teenagers only as it contains scenes that may not be suitable for children, and I gladly rate the movie five out of five stars.

The writer is a male college student and the firstborn of a family of five. He was born and raised in the city. The writer had proper parenting that made him be is self-motivated and hardworking. He likes playing basketball and table tennis which makes him make many friends. He likes watching movies, swimming, traveling, and having new adventures.

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