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My Dream Home: Personal View

Most people need a place where they can relax, feel safe and comfortable. A place, where they want to go after a hard day at work or an intense day with their friends. Most people call such place home. Although it is not easy to build or make a house or an apartment a good place to live in, I want my dream house to be a great place with both simple and exquisite features.

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To begin with, my dream home must have both nice interior and exterior. The exterior has to contain a swimming pool and a huge lawn. I can swim in the swimming pool in summer and call my friends to come over and have a picnic on the lawn.

Besides, the house itself has to be big in size with a garage where I can keep my car. It should contain two floors including an attic. I also want it to have a spacious porch and huge French windows. The attic is important because I want to keep my telescope there and watch the Moon and stars from it. This little observatory will inspire me to dream about galaxies far away before I would go to sleep.

Moreover, the ground floor should have a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a gym, and a bathroom. The kitchen must contain all the cooking appliances and be a good place to stay, even if you do not cook anything. A living room has to have squishy furniture, a big bookcase with lots of books in it, a fireplace, and a huge TV. I cannot help imagining myself sitting in this room in winter next to the fireplace and reading a captivating novel or watching an atmospheric movie. The dining room is supposed to be bright with a light-colored wall, big windows, and many paintings of nature on the walls. The gym is an essential part as well. There I can work out whenever I want to keep fit. A bathroom would feature a bathtub and a shower cabin – nothing unusual.

In addition, the first floor will have a few large bedrooms, a trophy room, and a bathroom. The bedroom has to contain a large, comfortable bed, a sleeping table with a lamp on it, in case I would want to read something at night, and a soft Persian carpet on the floor. It should have a TV opposite the bed, and a balcony. It would be so nice to wake up, go to the balcony and breathe some fresh air in the morning. A trophy room would be the most special room. There I would keep all my sentimental things starting from family photos and ending with sports awards. Things like postcards from my friends or some of my birthday presents will be kept in that room. It would be nice to come to that room and think of all the pleasant moments that happened to me. I can also bring my friends so I can share those moments with them as well.

Of course, I have not forgotten about the basement where the laundry room and the stock room would be located. The stock room would be huge and contain food supplies. The things that I do not need at that moment, but still want to keep would also be there.

To conclude, I would like to state that it does not really matter what your house look like unless it feels like home.

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