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My Mother, a Person Who Inspires Others

The role of inspiration in the lives of people is colossal. The right inspiration can push a person to do almost anything, regardless of their socio-economic circumstances, as inspiration allows a person to use all of their potential and resources. At the same time, the lack of inspiration can undermine even the best possible starting position, as a person will not be motivated to make any effort. Therefore, in some cases, the presence of inspiration can make all the difference. According to the dictionary, inspiration is “something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create” (Merriam-Webster). I would like to talk about the person who made me want to follow my dreams and educate myself in the major of my choice. Moreover, this person directly influenced my perception of the world and explained to me that my opportunities are limitless, thus, raising the chances of my success. Finally, this person is also the one who gave birth to me, raised, and supported me throughout my life – she is my mother.

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Regarding the exact source of inspiration, it is my mother’s life path, her choices along that path, her will, and the lessons she has drawn from that experience. My mother gave birth to me before she was eighteen. Such circumstances tend to negatively affect the further economic and educational prospects of a person (Font et al. 262). For instance, early childbearing can lead to a shortened education period and increased dropout likelihood. However, at that time, my mother already knew about the value of education, and she decided to continue her learning despite any odds. She did not want to become a part of the regretful statistics of early childbearing African American mothers living with their children in public housing. Therefore, in spite of everything, she finished her high school and was later able to enroll in the college she chose. She already demonstrated that the combination of her desire and her will could transform the world around her.

However, her goals and dreams were much more than what she already achieved at that point; therefore, later, she received a master’s degree in general Business and continued her education further. At the moment, she also holds a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology. The inspirational example of my mother does not end with her educational path. She also chose another respected profession in-between her academic successes – she joined the military forces. She served as a combat engineer in the Army and retired after an injury received during her service that caused a disability. But even the disability caused during her time serving in the military did not prevent my mother from achieving her dreams. She did not only want to obtain knowledge, but she always dreamed of sharing it with others and wanted to educate those who strived for knowledge as much as her. Therefore, after retiring from the Army, she managed to become a professor, and now she is engaged in teaching students and transfers her experience to them.

Finally, during all of the mentioned events, she was able to pay attention to me, raise, and support me in various ways. I did not feel as she was sacrificing our time in favor of her career. One of her most significant accomplishments is that she passed her mindset to me. She always motivated me to strive for greatness and try to achieve more despite the unfavorable odds. She taught me that there are no boundaries and limits in my life that I cannot overcome with enough desire, will, preparation, and work. Moreover, she demonstrated to me exactly how to live like that, and I think that the skills and mindset she passed to me will play the most critical role in my life.

Also, as my mother never gave up on her dreams, she never restricted my own choice and my dreams as well. She supported my desire to become a filmmaker, and I am grateful to her for that; I believe that without her, it would be much more difficult for me to pursue my ambitions. As I advance in my career and become a professional filmmaker, I want my first film to be about my mother, as she is the person who motivates me the most.

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