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Nanorobotics in Hospitals and Its Working Principle


Nanorobotics may be one of the most powerful technical solutions for hospital applications. The reason for the production of this proposal is the need to present it for the CCDP2100, Sections V, and Z term project. The purpose of this proposal is to introduce background information on the topic and describe the contents of the proposed project. It will provide information about the uses of nanorobotics, as well as other aspects of the subject.

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Background Information

Nanorobots are programmable machines that are less than 0.1 nm in size. When such machines become available, they are expected to be of great benefit to medicine. Surgery may find them especially useful due to their ability to access any part of the body with extreme accuracy. These miniature robots should be able to use the system of small capillaries around the affected region to enter the body, perform surgery, and leave it [5].

Nanorobots may also be used as highly accurate sensors to analyze the patient’s condition and the cause of their ailment [1]. This research is significant because it would allow surgeons and physicians to treat patients with greater precision and safety. For example, nanorobots could directly deliver medicine to the patient [4] or apply radiation treatment to the cancer cells without irradiating the patient [3].

Currently, similar nanotechnology is used with human-controlled particles that deliver treatment to the target areas, but this technique is not widely used and is not as precise as a group of nanorobots would be. However, its effects are impressive and indicate that further research should take priority. While this technology is still in the developmental stages of production, it could change medicine and resolve some of its most difficult tasks in a much safer fashion [2].

Project Description

Research Question Technical Concept Source Course Possible Informational Source
How can nanorobots be used in hospitals? Working principle Scholarly papers

The proposed team members include:

The first draft of the project is expected to be completed before the start of Class 4. The final version should be completed by the beginning of Class 5. The individual segment would require *insert amount of time*, while the team project is expected to take *insert amount of time*.


The purpose of this proposal is to present the subject of nanorobotics and how they may be used in hospitals while also presenting a description of the project. The use of nanorobotics can lead to safer and more effective medical procedures, and this research project would help the audiences to fully understand its potential. My Carleton email address is *insert email*.

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