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Navigating the Tech Ecosystem in Cameroon

Consideration of the problems that are characteristic of the African part of the world is necessary. The reason for this is the need to update functions to bring the most significant benefit to the country and the world around it. This position paper examines the problem of introducing digital technologies into the activities of Country Cameroon within the committee of the African Union. The need for this measure is due to the need to improve and modernize the economy for its further growth and development. Moreover, it will also be a useful measure to prevent the harmful effects of industrial and organizational activities on the climate.

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Digital technologies occupy one of the top places in modern society. Their growth and development can contribute to solving many problems related to the consequences of human activity. Hence, consideration of tasks and goals related to digitalization is necessary to limit future unknowns (Sharkawy et al. “Topic 2” 8). Moreover “the focus should be on the allocation of funding and raising the awareness of the population to the risks and increasing the climate resilience of the economy” (Sharkawy et al. “Topic 1” 16). Therefore, the approaches desired for implementation are e-government, efficient service deliveries, and even cybersecurity strategies.

Country Cameroon is one of the places where these measures can be most effectively applied. Studies emphasize that “Cameron’s tech ecosystem has great potential to bring capital into the country and boost the economy” (Central Insights Unit para. 1). Moreover, it is noted that the introduction of innovative digital technologies can contribute to economic growth and “the digital economy in several African nations already accounting for more than 5% of their GDPs” (African Union para. 1). This is noted as a positive aspect and is considered an argument for the introduction of innovations in the activities of state bodies and industries.

However, despite this, the spread of digital technologies such as online banking and wallets or enhanced internet access may have some difficulties. The most important and critical of them is the problem of personal data protection. This is because the country of Cameroon should also take measures to attract specialists and develop programs to protect users’ personal information. Among the most common ways to protect this, encrypting can be distinguished. It is designed to change the content of the data according to the algorithm (Lienkov et al. 2). This algorithm can also be altered using a particular encryption key. This method will help protect user data from unauthorized access. A precious aspect is that even if the information is stolen, it will not be read.

Further, despite some complications that may arise during digitalization, it is necessary to eliminate the harmful effects on the environment. Dwivedi et al. highlighted “a technical perspective where technology has a role to play in the monitoring of potential solutions, but also an integral element of climate change solutions” (102456). The country of Cameroon should introduce measures to promote the conscious use of innovations to improve the contribution to the economy, politics, and the environment.

In conclusion, this position paper argued for the need to introduce digital technologies in Cameroon within the committee of the African Union. Based on the historical background, it can be argued that new technologies can significantly affect the reduction of the negative impact on climate change and develop such areas of the country’s activities as ecology and politics. One of the problems that need to be taken into account is the protection of personal data, which can be solved with the help of specialists and an encryption strategy.

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