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Using Technology in Everyday Life: Pros and Cons


Technology in the modern world is an integral part of human life. Technological progress is developing rapidly and rapidly every day. It has played a significant role in the development of almost all industries, such as business, education, healthcare, banking, transport and entertainment, etc. From the scientific point of view, information technologies represent the entire accumulated experience of mankind in a universal form suitable for practical use. Regardless of whether a person is in the office, at school, in the hospital or at home, their life is surrounded by technology – gadgets and household appliances. Smartphones, laptops, WIFI routers, LED TVs, thermostats and elevators are real examples of how technology has changed every aspect of everyday life. Modern technologies are being actively introduced at a rapid pace, which affects many aspects of everyday life.

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Modern man cannot imagine their life without various technologies. Every day, either new devices appear or existing ones are improved. People have different attitudes to new inventions. Some believe that gadgets are actually useful and necessary, while others consider them unnecessary since, in their opinion, they negatively affect people. Modern technologies affect various aspects of a person’s relationship with reality. Today, people are beginning to think about what new information technologies will bring to the world of the future and in which direction the scales will swing as a result – of improvement or deterioration of the existing situation. Of course, scientific and technological progress appeared in order to change life for the better. However, it is increasingly common to hear about negative scenarios, up to the point that automated, highly intelligent machines will enslave their own creators. Both the opinion of the public and the point of view in scientific circles regarding the introduction of IT into wide practice have been divided.


Now there are more opportunities to access relevant information quite easily at any time and in any place. This has become possible thanks to modern technologies, such as high-speed Internet. A lot of data is published and indexed on the internet, and sites like Wikipedia and Youtube have excellent original content that is regularly used for research or entertainment. With smart gadgets like iPad, iPhone, iWatch, etc. Users, wherever they are, can easily access a huge amount of information via the Internet on these devices. These smart gadgets make it easy to access the Internet anywhere in the world, simplifying obtaining information.

Modern technology has also played a significant role in changing the entertainment industry. Home entertainment has improved with the invention of video games, advanced music and visual systems such as smart TVs that can connect to the internet live so that the user can share what he is watching with friends (Aldrich 146). Easy access to music and its storage became possible. For example, a service like iTunes allows users to buy music at a small price and download it to their players. In addition, bars, clubs and amusement parks have benefited from advances in technology. People can watch movies in 3D, ride the tallest roller coaster, or be served by a robot in a bar; all of this is possible due to modern technologies.

Learning is also an integral part of daily life, and modern technology has made it easy for students to study anywhere with online education. Students are now using modern technology in the classroom to learn more effectively. For example, they use tablets to share visual lessons and examples with peers in the classroom; this has made learning more convenient and fun. In addition, new modern educational technologies support individual learning, which gives students the opportunity to study independently without the need for tutors.

Technology has also had a positive impact on the healthcare system. Today, most hospitals have implemented modern technologies in surgical rooms, which has reduced the number of mistakes made by doctors (Posamentier and Spreitzer 30). People can easily make mistakes due to work overload and stressful factors. In addition, the developer community has come up with health apps that allow us to monitor our health or exercise. These apps are used on mobile phones, so users have access to them at any time.

Modern technologies have helped enterprises to increase production turnover. People are slow, and sometimes they are not able to make the goods on time and efficiently. Many companies have introduced modern technologies into their production line, increasing production volume and ensuring more stable product quality. Another great example of how modern technologies have simplified life is the improvement of housing conditions. Wealthy people can afford floating or glass houses, and people with less money can build or purchase small or mobile homes. Most items in homes are now automated; for example, doors use fingerprints, maps or Bluetooth on a mobile phone. With the development of a more reliable integrated security system, the level of security has also increased.

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First of all, as a result of the active use of new technologies, social isolation is growing, and people spend more and more time playing video games, using social networks and neglecting their real life. If a user can easily chat with friends online, they will not feel the need to leave home to make new friends. Technology has replaced the old way of interaction; at a later stage, this lifestyle can lead to loneliness (Ott 111). Also, modern technology has replaced many human jobs; robots do work that used to be done by humans. For example, many packaging firms use robots on production lines to increase productivity and efficiency. This is good for employers, as they earn more money and serve customers, but bad for employees because they may lose their jobs.

Increased reliance on modern tools such as calculators and spell checkers has reduced creativity and intelligence. Many people today cannot write even the simplest words correctly without an editor. Others feel that it is impossible for them to solve an elementary equation without a calculator. Although these tools help to increase our efficiency, people can become overly dependent on them. Fortunately, the progress of technology has increased the level of security; however, due to these advances, the most valuable things are connected to the Internet. Financial accounts, photos, mobile phones – all of this puts users’ data at risk of Internet fraud (Schulenburg and Peeters 183). Due to the Network of devices and systems around the world, many have fallen victim to identity theft and hacked accounts by hackers. Modern technology is also the main reason for the outbreak of endless wars, which contributes to the production of modern military weapons. Therefore, when these weapons fall into the hands of criminals, they use them for their own selfish purposes. In addition, these weapons often severely damage the natural earth, making some areas uninhabitable.


Modern technologies have become an integral part of the life not only of an individual but also of society as a whole. Now it is quite difficult to imagine an enterprise that would not use the achievements of modern technological progress. The development of science and technology is indeed beneficial for humanity, but it conceals unforeseen fatal predestination, affecting all aspects of social life. Not only is the content of labor changing, but significant transformations are also taking place in the entire structure of culture and modern civilization. In essence, a new civilizational way is being born. The development of technology helps to expand human capabilities and begin to use even those that were previously unavailable for some reason. In addition to the positive aspects of modern technologies, a negative impact should also be mentioned.

Speaking about the place of scientific and technological progress in the modern world, one should not underestimate its enormous importance, both for an individual and for humanity as a whole. It is not the technology itself and modern technologies that cause harm but the way a person uses them. People should not forget that technology is just a means, not the goal itself, and therefore it is important to learn how to use these means so that they bring maximum benefit to man and society. However, before using any means, a person must answer the main question for oneself: for which purposes do they need it, thus determining priorities in their value system. Thus, modern technologies represent a complex symbiosis of various effects, and it is impossible to consider them as purely positive or purely negative phenomena.

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