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Never Give Up: 15 Reasons by Osman Hameed

“Never give up” is a statement that most people use to motivate others and themselves to keep pushing to work towards achieving their objectives. Contemporarily, some support the statement, while others believe that it is prudent to cease from doing the same activity. People engage in some hectic daily jobs and practices, whereby regardless of facing multiple difficulties, they embrace success at long last. Therefore, although some are against the idea of never giving up in life, I agree with this statement.

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One should never give up because you are alive, and everything is possible. Everyone in this world has the same potential and can achieve and even surpass various life limits. There is a need for people to develop the attitude that there are no limits. In other words, if an individual plans, engages in the same practices daily, and is optimistic, there is no doubt that they will finally achieve their life goals. According to Osman (2020), being patient and working everyday moves one closer to achieving their dreams in life. Connectedly, it is prudent noting that people should never give because every goal is attainable, provided that one is on the right path and working diligently.

People should never give up since they would not want to regret it. Osman (2020) opines that giving up puts people at a position of regretting later in life because their colleagues were persistent and achieved their goals, hence becoming successful in life. For instance, when an individual commences a small business, there are various obstacles which they might face, including a lack of customers to purchase the different goods and services. As a result, one decides to close the business. On the contrary, the other competitor having the same business perseveres for a while and at long last gets many customers, enhancing the business’s prosperity. The person that closed the business will consequently regret it because they rushed making wrong decisions. Thus, people must never give up in life since it leads to regrets.

One should never give up because it could be worse afterward. Osman (2020) alludes that the present challenges could be better than the subsequent ordeals after giving up. Several people have given up and consequently find life worse than it was when they were in the previous situation, which made them lose hope. For instance, a person can give up working for an organization because their boss is adamant. The individual terminates his contract with the company, hoping that he will find a new job, but unfortunately, he fails to secure a new occupation. As a result, life becomes worse for the person than the way it was before quitting their job, which they considered stressful. Connectedly, one should never give up since life could be more challenging afterward.

People should never lose hope and consequently give up, but they should aim at inspiring others. Osman (2020) asserts that people should think of being role models in society. One should be enthusiastic about embracing success on the other side, hence keeping working hard and giving themselves morale that everything is possible. The person will find a critical foundation for advising the young generation that productivity comes with believing in oneself and persevering with the challenges that different life situations bring. Others will comprehend these sentiments and equally work tirelessly towards meeting their unique targets in life. Achieving something in life starts with having epitome hope. Hence, a person should never give up but aim at inspiring others presently and in the future.

In conclusion, it is paramount to note that people should continuously work towards attaining their goals. Individuals should never give up since everything is possible in life; no one would want to regret it later, it could even be worse afterward, and it helps to inspire others. Above all, there is a need for every person to work productivity while embracing patience, hoping that one day they will succeed.


Osman, B. (2020). 15 powerful reasons why you should never give up. Code of Living. Web.

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