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New Immigration Waves in the USA

Immigrants Should Be Welcomed

Americans are a nation of immigrants who came to this land hoping for better. This statement is one of the most frequently used associations emerging while speaking about the USA and its history. One of the reasons for the popularity of this idea that it is not far from reality. The state was formed under the strong impact of people from various countries who arrived in America trying to find new jobs, create their own families, and build their homes.

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They brought their culture and cultivated a unique diversity peculiar to the USA. They found jobs and promoted the rise of industries and the state’s empowerment. Finally, they preconditioned new immigration waves attracted by these people’s success. In such a way, the USA is to some degree the nation of immigrants. However, today the approach to this central facilitator of the state’s growth is reconsidered.

One of the latest events that provoked the public outcry happened in November 2018. Thousands of immigrants from Central America were deprived of an opportunity to find shelter in the USA. The reaction of the US President resulted in closing the borders and using tear gas to protect it. The given accident gave rise to numerous debates discussing the idea of the radical change in America’s policy regarding the migration, as today people from other states are considered a direct threat to the nation, its well-being, and development. New people might demand protection, medical services, and places to live which might cost a lot for the US budget. All these fears result in the emergence of particular confusion regarding the problem of thousands of migrants waiting for their chance.

However, given fears are not new. The issue of migration has always been associated with some negative aspects, as local people were afraid of changes that could be preconditioned by the income of new individuals looking for jobs, shelter, and places to live. The USA has experienced multiple migration waves in its history and managed to survive. Even more, the emergence of new workers and taxpayers contributed to the rise of the economy and the state’s becoming one of the leaders at the international level.

Coming back to the incident in November 2018, the majority of people who left their homes report that they do not just seek asylum. They want to find new jobs to support their families and guarantee better living for them. It means that thousands of new employees who can revitalize the US economy are prohibited from doing it.

Moreover, we all should remember the humanistic values that are considered the most important ones in the modern world. These people had to live under horrible conditions experiencing the risk of being murdered by street gangs. For this reason, their attempt to acquire a new change in the civilized and safe communities should be respected by the USA government, as it emphasizes its adherence to democratic and humanistic ideas.

It means that the existing barriers should be eliminated for all immigrants to integrate with the US society and contribute to its further rise. The country has already experienced it in the past. The nation experiences it today and should experience in the future, as immigration is an extremely potent way to acquire new ideas for development and diversify cultural diversity and society that needs some new stimuli for the further rise.

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