Nightingale's Philosophy and Millennium Goals | Free Essay Example

Nightingale’s Philosophy and Millennium Goals

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Contemporary globalization processes eliminate the boundaries used to restrict the spread of many diseases and make health preservation a global concern. Together with national and international organizations, nurses in cooperation with other healthcare practitioners can contribute to mobilizing “new approaches to education, healthcare delivery, and disease prevention” (Beck, Dossey, & Rushton, 2011, p, 71). To empower these processes, both current research and works of early nursing theorists are used. The current paper analyses Florence Nightingale’s philosophy of nursing related to the UN Millennium Goals and the role of nurses in their application.

Influence of Florence Nightingale’s Legacy on the UN Millennium Goals’ Perception

International institutions, such as the United Nations Organization (UN), take steps to make the planet safer, and provide sustainability. Thus, the UN published eight principles known as Millennium Development Goals, which cover urgent issues that have to be addressed. I believe that my treatment of these goals was influenced by Florence Nightingale’s ideas, which are still applicable, although they were developed more than a century ago.

Thus, one of the ideas promoted by Nightingale was the improvement of women’s life quality. A similar view is expressed by the fifth goal of the UN document to “Improve maternal health” (The United Nations, 2015, p. 6). Attention to both objectives proves the importance of healthy women for a strong nation (Beck, Dossey, & Rushton, 2011). Another Nightingale’s idea that found reflection in the UN document is the significance of environmental sustainability for global health preservation. Finally, the most important concept presented by Nightingale was that of worldwide cooperation for global health promotion. Through the prism of this idea, I see that the purpose of the eighth UN goal to “develop a global partnership for development” is to unite to provide global access to information and healthcare service (The United Nations, 2015, p. 7).

Advancing the Millennium Development Goals

As a nurse, I can advance some of the Millennium Goals. One of them is the reduction of child mortality. I can attract attention to a mother’s education and teach them how to take care of infants. Another goal where I can contribute is the improvement of maternal health. I can provide patient care and prevention interventions, which will positively influence this problem. Finally, I suppose that my major role as a nurse is to participate in disease treatment. Thus, I can advance the UN goal of combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases working in a healthcare facility.

Advancing Millennium Goals by the Community of Nurses

The community of nurses can contribute to the advancement of the UN Goals. For example, patient education provided by nurses in hospitals, other healthcare facilities, or patient homes can improve community health. Community healthy lifestyle education program can be an example of nursing intervention. Another useful intervention that can be introduced by community nurses is a maternity club. Young mothers frequently feel confused about their new status, and advice from professional nurses and communication with other mothers can be useful for raising a child.


On the whole, the role of a nurse in contemporary conditions is more important than even a couple of decades ago. Nurses do not only follow the doctors’ orders in patient treatment. They can provide educational interventions as well as influence the solution to global health issues.


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