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Nurses’ Role in Health Culture Creation


The topic chosen for the final project is “Creating a culture of health: The nurse’s role”. The health of the nation becomes one of the major concerns of the modern age. Thousands of people suffer from various diseases all over the world. Medical reports state that individuals who do not have the basic knowledge of the healthy lifestyle, hygiene, and care could be related to the risk group (Kauh & Brown, 2016). Unfortunately, the number of these people is extremely big, and the tendency towards the further deterioration of the situation preserves. Additionally, the absence of the culture of health results in the spread of serious contagious diseases and the evolution of their complications. The scale of the problem is so significant that it is possible to predict the extinction of some people who live under horrible conditions and lack the knowledge of the culture of health. Furthermore, even the prosperous countries suffer from the given problem as a certain number of their citizens do not have a clear idea of the culture of health. In these regards, the investigation of the given topic seems to be very important.

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In general, the term the culture of health implies a great number of concepts. The most important one is the education of people to create a healthy environment and promote the improvement of the health of the nation. However, the complexity of the given task gives rise to several concerns such as the creation of healthier communities, improvement of the collaboration between various sectors of the healthcare, strengthening of the integration of health services, etc. (What is a Culture of Health? n.d.). All these aspects evidence the significance and scale of the problem. The majority of modern states emphasize the necessity of the creation of a healthy nation and the improvement of the state of health of people living all over the world. This task proves the crucial role the culture of health plays in modern society. It turns into the most efficient remedy which could guarantee the significant improvement of the state of health and the whole healthcare sector. The process of the creation of the culture of health could also contribute to the reconsideration of the approach towards education. The implementation of the basic knowledge related to the issue into the school curricula will improve the state of the health of the nation greatly.


Therefore, the topicality and importance of the issue are also proved by the fact that the regions with the population characterized by the good knowledge of the culture of health have a better statistic. (Thomas, Fine, & Ibrahim, 2004). This fact evidences the positive impact the given concern has on the state of society and the health of the nation. As for the healthcare sector, the necessity of the improvement of peoples awareness of the main ways of contamination, the most dangerous agents, and the basic rules of the behavior is proved by the statistics and numerous investigations. (Mourey-Lavizzo, n.d.). The therapists and nurses evidence that a great number of patients catch a disease because of the absence of the rudimentary knowledge of some well-known diseases. The situation is even worse if to analyze the children’s statistics. They belong to the risk group and prove the necessity of the investigation of the concept of the culture of health. The improvement of the state of their health could be achieved by the provision of information about the most dangerous kinds of activity and safety measures.

My interest

After all, I have an interest in the investigation of the above-mentioned question. The nurse traditionally plays a significant role in the process of the recovery of a patient, performing various tasks guaranteeing a healthy environment. However, in terms of the development of the culture of health the role of a nurse becomes crucial. First, being a specialist focused on the numerous tasks connected with the environment, procedures, and the process of recovery of a patient, he/she possess all the needed information to cultivate the culture of health. or this reason, the specialist of this sort could contribute to the development of the given issue. A qualified nurse might present the information to a wide audience and describe the most important aspects of numerous concerns related to the healthcare sector.

Secondly, a nurse could present numerous real cases related to a certain issue to demonstrate the dangerous character of some actions and the impact they have on the state of the health of a person.

Finally, the participation of a nurse in the investigation of the culture of health might contribute to the improvement of professional and personal skills.

In conclusion, the question of the culture of health is one of the most important concerns of the modern age, and there is a great necessity for its investigation.

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