Sharp HealthCare Medical Centers

Sharp HealthCare is a group of medical institutions and centers. The non-profit organization’s mission is “to improve the health outcomes of every individual served” (Sharp HealthCare, 2016, para. 2). The health leaders at the institution use a wide range of resources to deliver evidence-based medical support. Medical technologies and health systems are embraced by the institution in order to produce positive health outcomes. Since 2010, Sharp HealthCare has been using a powerful Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to support the needs of many people in San Diego. This discussion revolves around the use of the EHR system at the organization.

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Identification of the System

The targeted EHR at Sharp HealthCare can be classified as a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system. This is the case because the system targeted all the physicians working in different branches of the institution. The physician can use the EHR to automate the clinical activities undertaken every day. The system connects all the physicians in different centers. The developed recording system makes it easier for the physicians to share information, exchange ideas, and deliver quality care. The vendor of the system is Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Incorporation (Sharp HealthCare, 2016).

System Classification

From the above description, it is agreeable that the EHR implemented at Sharp HealthCare is a clinical system. This is true because it guides physicians to record patients’ information, make appropriate decisions, and deliver quality clinical support (Sharp HealthCare, 2016). The clinical system guides physicians to empower their followers and improve the health outcomes of the patients. The system also aids in the decision-making process. That being the case, the system continues to support the clinical functions undertaken at Sharp HealthCare.

Function of the System

The purpose of the Allscripts EHR system is “to automate everyday clinical processes and connect providers to each other and to all healthcare stakeholders via the Internet” (Healthcare Informatics, 2010, para. 3). The system is combined with different care management (CM) programs to support the needs of the clients. It is therefore agreeable that the EHR is connected with other systems in the institution in order to improve the quality of patient care. The system is user-friendly and accessible. Physicians are trained and guided to use the system effectively.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Incorporation is a leading provider of secure medical systems in the United States. Its partnership with Sharp HealthCare has led to the implementation of a secure EHR system that supports the health needs of more patients (Healthcare Informatics, 2010). The vendor is also known to support and maintain the system. It is also updated frequently in order to make it sustainable and reliable.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The conducted research has indicated that the institution’s use of the EHR has resulted in numerous benefits. For instance, many physicians find it easier to deliver evidence-based medical support to their patients. The physicians collaborate and liaise with each other in order to make appropriate health delivery decisions. The system empowers and guidelines healthcare professionals in different centers. Consequently, the system has improved the health outcomes of many clients. The main weakness associated with the system is that it does not support many nurse practitioners (Healthcare Informatics, 2010). It will be appropriate to ensure more caregivers are involved and empowered to use the system. The approach will maximize the health outcomes of the targeted patients.

Lessons Learned From the System

This exercise equipped me with useful information regarding the planning, implementation, and maintenance of the EHR system. For instance, I learned that the right resources and supportive devices should be acquired. The wards should also be reorganized in order to support the new system. A powerful change model should be used to implement the system. The healthcare workers should be trained in order to use the system effectively. Consultants or third party players should be hired to maintain the system. This practice will maximize privacy, ease of use, and confidentiality (Healthcare Informatics, 2010). The interviewed managers in the institution indicated that it was possible for healthcare workers to obtain a screenshot of the policies and procedures associated with the use of the system.

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Comments and Conclusions

This project has equipped me with new ideas and experiences regarding the use of information systems in healthcare settings. The case of Sharp HealthCare shows conclusively that medical informatics have the potential to improve the health outcomes of more patients. The institution acquires modern technologies in order to offer quality services to its clients. The EHR system empowers and connects more physicians in different centers. This practice is embraced because Sharp HealthCare operates many centers, acute care institutions, and specialty hospitals. The physicians in these hospitals collaborate and share information in an attempt to produce positive health results. The system is successfully maintained by Allscripts (Healthcare Informatics, 2010). The EHR has managed to support a wide range of healthcare delivery processes. The major weakness is that the system mainly focuses on the needs of physicians. Sustainable training procedures targeting caregivers and nurses will ensure the EHR supports the health needs of the targeted patients (White & Danis, 2013). Additionally, the inclusion of security measures and decision-support systems will improve the EHR’s effectiveness.


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